Bonus Hunting In Online Casinos

Bonus Hunting In Online Casinos

Most online casinos attract users with deposit bonuses. The opportunity to get extra money for the game motivates them to register and top up their accounts. Funds received as a gift cannot be withdrawn without wagering, but they can be used to pay bets. Many take advantage of this and happily accept casino promotions. In this article, we will talk about bonus hunters and the key reasons why people do it.


What Does The Term “Bonus Hunting” Mean?

The essence of the term “bonus hunting” is clear, as it means exactly what you think. Hunting means that the user plays for example at Zodiac Casino only with a deposit bonus, and receives them on several sites at once. He follows a special strategy that minimizes risks. Such a player is called a “bonus hunter”. Bonus hunters can be divided into types:

  • An experienced rule breaker. To participate in the same promotions, he creates many accounts in one casino, breaking the rules, changes the IP, and protects himself from network authentication to avoid blocking;
  • Inexperienced violator. This person creates multiple profiles on the same site but does not take measures to protect against blocking. He usually faces problems with withdrawing money due to violations of rules and difficulties with verification;
  • Cautious bonus hunter. He plays from one account in one casino. After winning the prize for the first deposit, he waits for other promotions (reload bonus) or finds a new site.


Strategies of Bonus Hunters

Profitable bonus hunting is possible only with the use of a competent strategy. It has several components:

  • Casino choice. You should prefer licensed sites with a good reputation that make money;
  • Bonus score. It should be monetary and optimal in size. Too generous offers of 300-500% with high wagers are difficult to win back. Small rewards of 30-50% offer minor benefits. It is better to choose the average value of 100-200%. Free spins are not the best option. They are used on a limited range of machines, so you can lose everything;
  • Making a maximum deposit. If a player is hunting for a bonus, he should strive to get the most out of the promotion. Of course, beginners with limited bankrolls start with a small investment;
  • Study of wagering conditions. They should make it possible to convert bonus funds into real money within the timeframe set by the promotion. It is necessary to assess in which games the payout is available, the size of the maximum bet, and payout. The optimal wager is no more than x25-40;
  • Withdrawal of money and participation in a new campaign.

The task is not to play in order to earn a huge amount but in order to stay in the black. It is not recommended to choose machines with progressive jackpots. Preference should be given to slots with a large number of bonus games and high RTP from 97% and more. They are characterized by low variance. The chances of completing a long distance with a small plus or minus increase.