Blogging About Bridge: BridgeBlogging versus BridgeWinners

Blogging About Bridge: BridgeBlogging versus BridgeWinners

By Alex J. Coyne

Bridge is always up for discussion, and other than mainstream platforms like WordPress there are a few specialized platforms meant just for blogging about bridge.

We took a closer look at what and BridgeWinners look like from the inside, and why they’re both worth checking out if you have thoughts you’d like to get out there.

BridgeBlogging is a blogging platform owned by Master Point Press. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for column-format bridge articles – and a convenient place to voice any thoughts about bridge.

Topics are varied, and you’ll find some of the leading bridge bloggers and writers on here including Aces on Bridge, Barbara Seagram, Bobby Wolff and others.

It’s not the most active in terms of daily posting, but it’s the perfect site if you want to check back a few times per week for regular faces and new thoughts.

The posting platform is rooted in WordPress, so if you’ve ever had a WordPress blog you should already be familiar with the formatting.

If you’re struggling to find the “log in” button, mouse over to your blog page or profile ( and scroll down until you see the side panel that says Other Stuff.

From there, you can write a post and click Publish.

Images left to right:  Posting Sample, Login Panel, Side Panel

Bridge Blogging with Bridge Blogging Bridge Blogging with Bridge Blogging Bridge Blogging with Bridge Blogging


BridgeWinners is more diverse than just a blogging platform. Here, you can find featured articles, bridge problems and a comprehensive forum for discussing everything related to bridge and cards.

Start by logging in through the login panel. You can either use your Facebook account, or create a new BridgeWinners account for this. From the login panel, you can edit your profile, check important alerts and messages or network with other users.

When creating your account, ensure you fill in your profile with as much info as possible: You might have to verify your account with an admin before you can post.

The bridge problems pop up on the right-hand side of the page: You can post your own from there, or answer the daily question. Of course, this is a blogging platform too, so you can create a post, too.

The posting platform isn’t WordPress-based, but it’s still easy to figure out.

Before you post, it asks: “Are you sure? PUBLICATION IS PERMANENT!” You’ve got the option to check the post again, or to proceed with posting.

Images in order: Login panel, Featured Articles, Bridge Problem, Logged in, Posting Sample

Bridge Blogging with Bridge Winners Bridge Blogging with Bridge Winners Bridge Blogging with Bridge Winners

Bridge Blogging with Bridge Winners Bridge Blogging with Bridge Winners


What’s the Verdict?

If you’re looking for a great bridge blogging platform, both BridgeWinners and BridgeBlogging are excellent ones for both simplicity, functionality and connecting with players – although BridgeWinners features more with their bridge problems and forum.

Having said that, you’ll find columns on BridgeBlogging that don’t appear anywhere else.

If you’re looking for bridge merchandise or books on bridge, each blogging platform has an associated store too: Master Point Press for BridgeBlogging and the BridgeWinners Store.

Whether you’re a reader or writer of bridge blogs, the final verdict is to go ahead and bookmark both!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash