Best Casino Games for Highest Return

Best Casino Games for Highest Return

All casino games are based on luck – that’s something you can’t ever forget. However, some games have proven to be more profitable than others in the long run.

If you’d like to maximise your winnings and get the biggest bang for the buck, the following casino games might be worth a try during your next online casino visit.


Blackjack, no matter the version you try, is overall known as one of the most profitable casino card games out there. It’s much easier to learn than poker and tens to have a house edge around 0.5% (or even less).

If you’re completely new to blackjack, you might not get to hit that house edge though. To get the biggest return, you need to hone your skills and develop a blackjack strategy that gets you closer to those good numbers. Without a reliable strategy, blackjack’s RTP might still be around 98% or even lower, so make sure to utilize a supporting strategy.

Ugga Bugga

Playtech’s Ugga Bugga is one of the highest RTP online slots out there, tempting gamblers with its 99.07% RTP.

Though slot machines are usually very straightforward, Ugga Bugga can be a little tough to grasp at first. The thing is, the game’s high return doesn’t come from bonus features – it barely has any, except a Wild symbol that gives you a 1000x return. Instead, Ugga Bugga has a unique hold feature that lets you decide which symbols you’d like to keep and which ones you’d like to spin again.

Thanks to this feature, you can make some strategic decisions by holding better symbols. That’s also why it’s crucial to get acquainted with Ugga Bugga’s paytable thoroughly – that’s the key to understanding how the game works.

Mega Joker

NetEnt’s Mega Joker is almost an infamous slot machine, sitting at a 99% RTP. Mega Joker is a good old video slot that reminds you of the classic physical slot machines thanks to its theme and graphics.

The game’s high RTP comes from a volatile bonus game and the option to „gamble“ your winnings with the hope to get even bigger payouts. If you should choose incorrect, of course, you’ll end up losing money but good decisions might bring you big bucks.


Craps is one of the oldest, most profitable and most entertaining casino games out there. Once known as the heart of every gambling hall, craps has become popular at online casinos too.

Depending on the situation, the RTP for craps can be as high as 98.64% or even higher. Evolution Gaming’s live craps can ever reach over 99% but it can be under 90% if things don’t go that well for you. The „don’t pass line“ is considered to be the best craps bet for regular winnings.

Blood Suckers

Another NetEnt’s high-return slot is a vampire-themed slot Blood Suckers with its impressive 98% RTP.

Though its RTP is a little lower than the above-mentioned games, its fun gameplay and bonus features give you a pleasurable experience, together with regular winnings that keep you playing longer. Blood Suckers is a true classic that keeps surprising you on every spin.