Are you a Casino Fan? You Should Try Top 5 Casino Games in 2019

Are you a Casino Fan? You Should Try Top 5 Casino Games in 2019

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It would seem that no other sector stands to gain more than iGaming from all the new technologies that are being developed today. Things like Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR) are bringing a real revolution in iGames design and the way people enjoy them. In a not so distant future, many games we see today will look like relics, compared to the new designs already being developed. So, let us see which of them may have a chance of surviving, due to their popularity.

House of Doom Online Slot

Made by Play’n Go, House of Doom Online Slot combines iGaming and horror background, two favorite things for many people. The game creates an adventure that involves some very scary moments, so it isn’t for those faint of heart. For people who love horrors, it is a dream (or would that be a nightmare?) come true. A word of warning though, try to avoid playing it in the middle of the night when you are alone, especially if you are in some secluded place, like on camping or similar. You may get more than you bargained for.

Playboy Gold Slot

Microgaming’s Playboy game was a huge success, and still is in many online casinos that use it. To commemorate the death of Hugh Hefner, iconic Playboy’s founder, the company has released an updated version, called Playboy Gold Slot. The game features Stephanie, Hiromi, Gia, and Carly, which will act as your hostesses, dressed in Playboy Bunny costumes, which can prove to be distracting at times. Keeping track of six reels and 110 pay lines may become a huge task unless you concentrate. The ladies on the screen will do their utmost to steer your attention to them, rather than the game itself. Al in all, it is a win-win situation.

Live Texas Hold’em Poker

Despite all the slots, poker is still bread and butter of many casinos, but with different variations. Live gambling online allows players to enjoy their favourite casino games while interacting with the dealer and sometimes other players in real-time. Live dealer games happen in real-time. The dealer shuffles and deals the cards. Remote players can watch all recorded activities via a live video stream. 

Look for online casinos that offer live dealer games. Some popular and reputable casinos include:

  • Betway
  • 888 Casino
  • PokerStars
  • PartyCasino

The Live Dealer game is usually prominently displayed in the main menu or on the homepage. In the Live Dealer section choose your game. Browse through the available tables and select one that suits your preferences (betting limits, table occupancy, etc.). Click on the table to join the game. You will be connected to a live stream with a real dealer. Familiarize yourself with the game interface. This includes the betting options, chat function, and any additional features offered by the platform. And not to worrk, most live dealer games have a simple and intuitive interface to enhance your gaming experience. Now start playing!

Age of The Gods Live Roulette

Can’t really have a casino, even an online one, without a roulette. Age of The Gods Live Roulette was created by Playtech and is a fairly new game, having been launched in 2017, but has already proved massively popular with the players. The fact that it paid out a £600,000 Jackpot just weeks after the launch helped a lot in that regard. The other reason for its popularity of the game design itself, where strategy is mixed with a jackpot, creating a unique playing experience.

Reef Run Online Slot

Designed by Yggdrasil, Reef Run Online Slot is somewhat of a mystery. The developers had an idea to cater to women as customers when creating this undersea adventure, but it turned out it is equally popular with men as well. Set in the oceanic background, it is a five-reel game with 20 pay lines and you have various tropical fish, lobsters, crabs, and other sea animals swimming around all over the screen. Oh, and there are gladiator fish in aquatic chariots pulled by sea horses. This makes for a quite relaxing atmosphere, which may be the reason behind the game’s popularity.

People often choose in which online casino to play based on the selection of games and bonuses offered. While both of these reasons are valid, there is a third one, which players often neglect, despite being the most obvious one, and that is security. The safety of your deposit should be on top of your list of priorities since winning won’t mean much if your money gets stolen by scammers. Modern iGaming industry puts a lot of emphasis on security and safety, and so should you. Make sure that the casino you choose is a legitimate one and that both your money and the data you give them are in safe hands.