Advanced play: Taking your casino skills to the next level

Advanced play: Taking your casino skills to the next level

If recent reports are anything to go by, the online gambling sector is positively booming! While the growth of the online casino sector might be connected to a range of different factors, the net result is the same no matter what way you look at it; there are now more individuals playing at online casinos than ever!

This is excellent news for the industry. As competition for new players becomes more intense, prices will get more competitive, and the range of services offered by online casinos will increase.

With so many players signing up for the first time, however, this also means that now is the perfect time to discuss some tips, tricks and strategies that will give these players the skills needed to move from beginner to advanced.

While these tips will not guarantee you a win in any particular game you find yourself playing, they will help you to keep playing for longer and increase your enjoyment. With that said, let’s take a look at what you need to know to take your casino skills to the next level.

What do we mean by Advanced Play?

Advanced play in casino gaming refers to strategies and skills that go beyond basic game rules and aim to significantly increase a player’s chances of winning. While casual players might rely on luck and basic tactics, advanced players engage in deeper analytical thinking, precise decision-making, and use sophisticated strategies tailored to specific situations and games.

Advanced play isn’t just about knowing what moves to make; it also involves understanding the mathematical and psychological aspects of gaming. This includes everything from calculating odds in real-time to managing one’s emotions and bankroll effectively. It encompasses a broad set of skills including, but not limited to, card counting in blackjack, complex betting systems in roulette, and bluff management in poker.

For those looking to elevate their gameplay, transitioning from a basic understanding to mastering advanced techniques can offer a more rewarding and potentially profitable casino experience. In this article, we will explore the various dimensions of advanced play across popular casino games, providing you with the knowledge and strategies needed to take your skills to the next level.

Advanced Strategies in Popular Casino Games

Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of strategies you’ll want to look into for some of the more popular games

    • Blackjack: Card counting, deck estimation, and advanced betting techniques.
    • Poker: Reading opponents, bluffing techniques, and multi-level thinking.
    • Roulette: Betting systems like the Fibonacci and the Labouchere.
    • Slots: Understanding slot volatility and RTP (Return to Player).

Don’t be afraid to specialize

One thing that definitely separates the novices from the pros, is specialization. While novice players tend to switch between different games and take a more leisurely approach, more advanced players will have a couple of different game types they stick to. Given most of us aren’t able to do this full time, good management of capacity will be to decide which is your favourite game and then set a goal to learn everything you can about that game and practice practice practice.

This will give you the opportunity to learn to play according to the rules of a particular game. It also allows you to get a feel for how often the game pays out.

Thankfully, choosing a specialty is a relatively easy task these days. With so many online casinos giving players a generous selection of online slots among other game types, you have plenty of options to choose from!

The top five most popular casino games are slots, blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat.

Do the math and know the odds

An important part of choosing a game type to specialize in, is knowing the different playing statistics each of them offer.

While many beginners think that all casino games give players the same chances of winning, this is far from the truth. There can be a significant difference between various game types as well as between different variations of the same game!

For example, American and European roulette offer very different odds of winning to the player. Similarly, there can also be a big difference in how player-friendly game types are depending on the developer!

It is always worth your while to check out in advance what the stats are for different games. Look at the Return to Player (RTP) rate, how volatile specific games are, and any other relevant stats, such as the odds, house edge and expected value.

Take advantage of free demos

Another smart strategy to adopt is to try out as many free demos of games as possible before putting any of your cash on the line.

Free demos are a great way to try out a wide variety of games in a risk-free environment. As we have seen, there can be a significant amount of difference between game types, variations and developers. Due to this, it might take you a while before you settle on a title that suits all your playing needs.

By taking advantage of the free demos available, you can try out different versions of the same game, as well as trying out any strategies you want to test. This will give you a sense of how your playing time is best spent!

Another option is to play a Social Casinos. These are online casinos that won’t take your money. You play for tokens or in-game rewards. Read more in our article What Are Social Casinos.  Social Casinos are a great way to learn a game and perfect your skills before playing in a real money casino.

Immerse yourself

If you really want to bring your casino skills to the next level, the quickest way to do this is to immerse yourself in the casino world.

This involves not only dedicating yourself to playing your game of choice and learning the rules as thoroughly as possible, but also reading up on it or watching instructional videos. Although this kind of background research will only get you so far, it will provide important background information you can draw on when you do eventually play a game.

Immersing yourself in the world of online casinos might also involve seeking out a community of fellow players. Thankfully, this is relatively easy to do these days thanks to the rise of social gaming. As mentioned above many online casinos have social platforms built into them, which makes it easy to connect with other players from across the world.

Or talk to your friends! Maybe you can set up a games night and play Texas Hold’em or Blackjack or even Cowboy Poker. All you need is some poker chips and a deck of cards.

Never underestimate the value of practice practice practice. Play a lot. Gain experience through frequent play and consider participating in tournaments and other competitive environments.

And watch a lot of WSOP videos.