A guide to: Throwing the best Bingo party!

A guide to: Throwing the best Bingo party!

If you’re thinking of hosting your very own Bingo party, you’ve come to the right place!

Bingo is one game that has stood the test of time, becoming  a favourite amongst players across the globe, for many decades. With the rise in technology, Bingo has continued to evolve. It’s now available to the masses via online Bingo games, as well as sticking to traditions and keeping games running at Bingo halls all over the world.

Nothing beats gathering friends and heading off for a game or two of Bingo, so why not bring that atmosphere to your house, by hosting your very own Bingo party?

Fear not though, as we have created a how to guide, so you can host the very best Bingo party – are you ready?

A playlist of winning vibes

No party is complete without a playlist, so why should a Bingo party be any different? Why not create a playlist full to the brim of songs about winning and having fun?

For example, you could add songs such as We are the Champions by Queen, The winner takes it all by ABBA, Gold by Spandau Ballet, and even Girls just wanna have fun by Cundy Lauper.

Food and drink

Your guests will need refreshments to keep themselves hydrated and focused on the Bingo numbers being called, so why not give your food a theme? For example, how about serving only circular foods, to represent the Bingo balls? You could serve things such as cheese balls, pizza, round chocolates, mac and cheese balls, and so on.


Of course, with any party, you need to invite your guests. You could send a group message, create a private event online, send individual texts, send physical invites or simply ask face to face.

Make sure to include, the time, date and location of your Bingo party. And if you want, you could even set a dress code!

Bingo equipment

For the ultimate Bingo party, you’re going to need the right equipment. If you don’t own a Bingo ball machine, or know anyone that does, there are a few available to purchase from online and instore retailers for a reasonable price.

If, however, you fancy making your own, you could purchase 90 ping pong balls and number them 1-90, place them in a box and pull out a numbered ball at random each time.

As well as the Bingo balls, you’re also going to need some tickets/cards. You can buy these online or in some high street stores, or if you have a printer at home, you could print some off from the internet.

In your invite, you could ask your friends to bring their lucky dauber, or you could purchase some ready for when they arrive. If you can’t find any, don’t worry, as felt tip pens work just as well!


Like all games of Bingo, there is always a prize to be won when creating a line or a crossing off a full house before any other player, so why not offer a prize for your guests, too?

We’re not talking about a big jackpot amount, think smaller, perhaps like a little pamper hamper, a gift card, a box of chocolates, and so on. You could even ask your guests to bring a prize to help create a random mix of rewards.

And to make it fair, you could place a raffle number on all the prizes, so when someone wins, they can pick a raffle number out of a hat or box and choose their prize.