A beginner guide answering 6 video poker questions

A beginner guide answering 6 video poker questions

One of the most popular and played casino games is the video poker. While poker is a classic popular game, not only in casinos but in all other places, having it played as video game made more and more gamblers attracted to it.

But even if you are a newcomer or an experienced poker player, you definitely have questions and seek answers, in order to have the best chances to win. That is because poker is not only about chance – or at least not in the same way as playing at the slot machine.

Starting to play poker as a beginner gambler is a good choice, but you’d also have a lot of questions. And while you can even read poker books, having the right experience and knowledge about video poker will make you feel confident.

Before starting to answer your questions, is good to know that you can find a variety of video poker games in Unibet Casino offer. The online casino offers legal PA gambling, but also plenty of fun and popular games to choose from, besides poker.

So, here are 6 video poker questions answered for all the beginners out there:

How do I play video poker?

The real money video poker games look like slot machines – and they even act like one sometimes. To start playing, you simply insert money into the machine, and that money gets converted into credits – there are quarter machines, or dollar machines, for example. 

Then, you are set and good to go. You can choose how many coins to wager (and always choose five coins, for a bigger payout for the royal flush), then just press the “deal” button. After this, the machine gives a five-card poker hand. 

To cash out, you simply convert the credits you have back into dollars. 

Why video poker is better than the slots?

It surely is, and there are some reasons: One is that video poker games offer better odds than the slot machines (even better than 98.5%, while the slot machines usually top at 95%); another is because video poker requires making decision, whilst slots only have you spin the reels and wait; then again, while playing video poker you can actually have an idea about the probability of getting a specific combination and thus the payback percentage for the game.

What video poker game is best for a beginner?

The answer to this may not be a general consensus, as everyone thinks a certain video poker game is better. But one game to begin with it is Jacks or Better, sometimes called “Draw Poker”. It is the most common variation of video poker.

Based on Five-Card Draw Poker, it is also known as 9/6 Jacks or Better. The payout for a full house is 9 times the bet, and for a flush is 6 times the bet. 

Another option is Deuces Wild, although Jacks or Better is considered easier. 

How does video poker pay out? 

Almost every video poker game in the casinos uses the ticket in – ticket out system. Then, you can convert the paper ticket into money using the designated machines in the casino. 

The payout is based on the pay table, depending on how much the hands pay off. Usually, the top payout is awarded to the royal flush (with a bigger jackpot if you are betting five coins, remember?). The difference is huge: A payout is four times smaller if you wage less than five coins. 

How can I win at video poker? Or can I win in the long run?

While it is extremely rare for a video poker player to win more than they lose in the long run, you should consider your experience and your luck. Still being a game of chance, you can improve the probability of winning with a card sense and a poker knowledge. Statistically, there will be hands at which you will win, although quite rarely. 

One option is to use online bonuses, so that you earn rewards upon joining a casino player’s club. These clubs will pay benefits in the forms of comps, which offset the video poker losses. 

How can I be sure that the video poker machines are not rigged?

Well, they are not rigged. And there are two reasons for that. One is because the difference between the games’ payouts and their odds of winning is enough to have the casinos make profit on the long run, regardless of anything else. The other reason is simply because these machines are strictly regulated and verified by the authorities, period.