6 Tips to Get the Fastest Payouts at Casinos in New Zealand

6 Tips to Get the Fastest Payouts at Casinos in New Zealand

Waiting to get paid at casinos can be quite frustrating and agonizing. Winning big can make anyone’s day, but waiting forever to receive the money is never fun. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

In this article, we’re sharing six tips on how you can get the fastest possible payouts at casinos in New Zealand. Believe it or not, but this can be as fast as instantly receiving your winnings after cashing out. 

Play With a Casino That Pays Out Fast

Not all casinos process withdrawals equally fast – far from. There are casino sites that will receive your withdrawal request and send your money within minutes or even instantly. Then there are others that have a mandatory pending period of 48 hours or even longer. 

How fast an online casino pays their kiwi players varies depending on their policies, how many are employed in the payments team and if this team works all around the clock or not. 

One of the best ways is obviously playing with a casino that pays out instantly or close to. Where to find them? A google search will do the trick! You can also see the fastest payout casinos in NZ here

Be Wary of Weekly and Monthly Limits

So, you signed up with an online casino that pays you instantly? That’s great! But any casino might not do the trick if you play for high stakes. Some, but not all, casino sites have weekly and monthly withdrawal limits which would slow down your payouts once reached. 

This, of course, we want to avoid. Therefore, you want to make it a habit of reading through the withdrawal policy found in the terms and conditions of the casino or simply have a chat with customer support. Do this before signing up for a account to make sure there are no limits in place. 

Withdraw With an e-Wallet

The payment method you choose to withdraw with is just as important as the casino you play with if your goal is to receive your payouts quickly. All payment methods have certain transaction times. This is the time that it takes for your money to travel from the casino to the account you cashed out to once sent. 

In this regard, e-Wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, Jeton, PayPal and ecoPayz are king. They have no transaction time at all. Once a casino has paid you out, the money is instantly received in your e-Wallet account. In comparison, debit cards have a transaction time of 1 – 5 bank days! 

Important to note is that most fast paying casinos will require you deposit and withdraw using the same payment method. Thus, in order to withdraw quickly via an e-Wallet, you must also make your deposits with that same e-Wallet.

Make Sure Your KYC Is Done

KYC (Know Your Customer) is the casino’s way of verifying players. This is necessary at all legitimately licensed casinos to comply with AML (anti money laundering) and other regulations. The process requires you to provide the casino with a proof of address and a proof of ID.

KYC is not a necessity upon signup and might not even be required on your first withdrawal request. However, at some point it will be and no matter how fast a casino pays, it will not pay you unless the verification is done. 

To make sure that none of your payouts will be hindered, it’s a good idea to provide the casino with the necessary documents as soon as possible. Usually, these can be conveniently uploaded under your profile at the casino site.  

Become a Valued Player at the Casino

Valued players, or so-called VIPs, always get certain perks at casino sites and one such perk tend to be faster payouts. So, if you don’t find a fast paying casino that seems good enough for you, an alternative is becoming a valued player with a regular one that you love. 

Most casino sites have payment queues where withdrawals are processed on a first come first serve basis. However, VIP-players normally get ahead of everyone else and are prioritized, which often leads to very fast or even instant payouts. 

Have a Chat With Customer Support

This will only work with some casino sites as many pay out strictly via a first come first serve queue system. However, there are, in fact, casinos that offer quicker withdrawals if you simply have a chat with customer support. Some are nice enough to instantly pay you on request. 

This is especially true if you’re a valued player the casino even if you’re not valued enough to bypass the ordinary queue as a VIP.  

Photo by Aneta Foubíková on Unsplash