6 Free Bonuses You Can Earn Yourself in a Casino

6 Free Bonuses You Can Earn Yourself in a Casino

Casino gambling has become a prevalent practice worldwide. Although there is only a limited number of casino games on the market, numerous online sites offer these games. Such online sites include Mogeqq, in Indonesia, among others. Many of these sites attract players through the use of bonuses.

There are many types of Casino bonuses, and many more continue to be introduced to the market. This article will help you know some of the bonuses offered so that you can choose which one best suits you.

The No-Deposit Bonuses

They are mostly for those players registering accounts for the first time. You do not have to deposit any buck to get this bonus. Who knows? You might end up winning yourself some bucks with no deposit at all. It is always advisable whenever you see a free spin or chip promotion, try and create an account. There is no risk in creating an account; you will only need to give a few details.

At times, you can also get some free spin offers for being a loyal player.

Loyalty Gifts

Some casinos have loyalty programs whereby they give physical gifts to their players. Some of the gifts may include electronics or an invite to private events. At times, you can get the gifts by redeeming your points, and many casinos are opting for this. Many players tend to value physical gifts more.


Tournaments and freerolls are another great way to find value in an online casino. These tournaments are offered by many casinos, most at a fee, while others are free. You will always find value for your money in entering these casino tournaments. Poker freerolls are very common, and often, knowledgeable players do well against beginners.

Welcome Bonuses

When you open most casino websites, the first offer to come across is a welcome bonus. The bonus is mostly given during the high seasons of the casino, to first-time depositors. Most casinos use a match bonus as their welcome bonus. However, other commonly used welcome bonuses are free chips and free spins.

Before taking bonuses, players should always take into account the amount of time given to convert the bonus. Also, it’s crucial to find out the wagering requirements of the bonus to make sure it suits you.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses, and welcome bonuses work in almost a similar manner. The only difference is that reload bonuses are given to players making additional deposits. The best thing about reloads bonuses is that the casino may award you these bonuses for as long as you remain a player there.


Cashback can be looked at as an insurance policy. In most casinos, you’ll be given the choice of either a deposit bonus or a cashback. Cashback means that a certain percentage of your losses shall be given back to you in cash. Sometimes, a casino may choose to promote a particular game with a cashback offer so it’s a good idea to keep yourself updated with ongoing promotions.

In conclusion, there are many casinos like Mogeqq and others that offer various bonuses. You will need to choose which best suits you based on your gameplay. Casino bonuses may be what will determine whether you will be a winning or a losing player.


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