5 facts players should know about live casinos

5 facts players should know about live casinos

There are many things that we love about gambling online. The thrill of wagering money hopes of making more in the process. The buzz of placing a small chunk of money on your favourite athlete and team adds fuel to your adrenaline. There is also the thrill of land-based casinos and the new era of live casinos online, brought to you by yours truly: technology. This is what gambling is all about—wagering a small amount of money and making our hearts skip during the game of chance.

The rise of live casinos is thanks to the feedback from land-based casino players, who expressed their love for live table games. They still wanted, though, to have the option to play safely from their own homes. The buzz and thrills that players get from sitting next to another player and giving them the poker face are quite entertaining, which is now also available at live casinos. Before you head over to a live table, it is good to discuss what a live casino is all about and how you can make the most out of your money wagers at the live tables. Here we collected the 5 top facts you should consider about live casinos.

Live is only for real money

At a live casino, you can only play for real money, and you cannot test the game prior to playing. This is not a myth, it is a fact that few people know. While you can test an online slot or a table game at online casinos, live casinos apply different rules. Since the players are predominantly playing in a live setting, there is no waiting for players to test the game, and you are expected to know the game rules prior to sitting at the live table.

If you are new to live casinos, there are some essential things on your to-do list to tick before going all-in for the win. For starters, we suggest that you read all the rules and strategies that there are in your live casino chosen game. Knowing your betting strategy to maximize your potential winnings would also be a benefit for you. If you head over to the internet, we suggest you find a list of the best online casinos, and read game guides via these sites. Since non-live casino games can also be found in the table games section at online casinos and be played for free, you could use them to test your gaming knowledge.

Bankroll Management is always important

One of the biggest and most important factors in playing at a live casino is your bankroll. To manage your play money properly, we always suggest that you set aside a small amount of money per month for your entertainment. If you lose that money at live casino tables or any other given online game, try not to deposit more money into your account. The human brain works in a strange way sometimes, and when we lose money in a gambling setting, we would want to wager more money on games in the hope of regaining the initial bets and also making a profit. Big Mistake!

Once you lose your XYZ money of the month, we suggest that you take a small break from gambling, as more playing with no essential strategy could lead to bigger losses. When playing in a live casino setting, you are essentially playing with real humans, with whom you can chat during the course of the game. Sometimes staying away from chat, and not getting roped into more money losses is the best way to deal with a loss.

You can play anywhere

Now that online casinos sites have graced us with playing via mobile, even live casinos can be enjoyed 24/7 from your mobile smartphone. Some sites offer you a dedicated mobile application that you can download either from the casino site directly or via your mobile. Alternatively, you can access the live casino site via your dedicated mobile browser, anytime you want and from wherever you are. The only thing that you need is a solid and working internet connection.

As we did mention, you do need a good connection to the internet. Keep in mind that live casino games depend a lot on streaming. That means the dealer will be at a live casino room, and the gameplay is streamed to your mobile and other players’ mobiles. Buffering and the streaming getting disconnected due to a bad internet connection is not ideal when you are playing live, especially at a table game with other players.

You can still snag bonuses playing live

Many casino players believe that they need to play a slot game or a non-live table game to be able to walk away with a bonus. True, however, you can also land an online casino welcome bonus that is dedicated to living casinos. Online casinos know very well that the online casino player of today is quite fluid in terms of gameplay. Some like slot games, others enjoy a non-live table game, the fun of wagering on sports, and the settling that lives casinos offer. That is why great online casinos go the extra mile to ensure that offers and bonuses are tailored to target various types of players.

We recommend that you check out all the bonuses available at the online casino and choose the best one. In this case, a live casino bonus!

The game variety is infinite

If you think that live casinos are just a poker game, think again. The limits, boundaries, and game selection that live casinos offer are infinite. Casino players can enjoy the traditional table games such as Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack in many game variants and with high roller tables also available. However, if you would like to enjoy some new cutting technology with some 3D effects, you could play Deal or No Deal, a game that is a replica of the famous TV show, or you could enjoy some Monopoly live, with Mr. Monopoly joining the party all along.

As you can see, Live Casino has evolved through the years. Before we had to physically be at a land-based casino to play our favourite live table games; now, we can do that from the comfort of our own homes. New games are added daily to the extended content of live casinos, some tv show games, and some games from our childhood also making an appearance with AI and 3D enhancements. The future seems still uplifting with more technology influences and major investments by game providers.

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