3 online card games you must try

3 online card games you must try

Are you one of those people who just love to meet up with your friends for game nights? If the answer is yes, then you are probably quite sad about the fact that this is not really possible at the moment due to the current covid-19 pandemic. When you can’t play games in the ways you are used to, you have to find alternatives if you still want to play games while being in lockdown. Truth is, playing games are one of the best ways to have fun, and even though you have to stay at home right now, it is still possible for you to play games because luckily the internet has been invented. There are so many different games to play online so it should be possible for you to find something that can entertain you. We want to give you inspiration for online games to play, and in this article we are focusing on online card games you must try.


The first card game on our list is a classic if you are familiar with casino games. Blackjack is a really popular card game all over the world, and it is a card game that you will find at most online casinos. If you have a little extra money on hand, you can try out blackjack and hope to win money. There are a lot of different online casinos to play at, and since it is possible to play blackjack at most online casinos, you just have to choose the online casino that makes you feel safe and secure while playing. Some online casinos offer a welcome bonus if you sign up for their casinos, for example you can get a bonus if you sign up for Virgin Games 2021.


Another online card game you must try is bridge. Maybe you have already heard about bridge because it is a very popular and social card game that is enjoyed by many people. Now you can play it in an online version which is perfect now that you have to stay home during lockdown. You can either play online bridge with your friends or you can connect with other people from around the world. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have with bridge because you can play against people of all levels.


Another classic that you probably are familiar with is solitaire. This card game is played by many people all over the world, and the card game is usually just played by one person. This makes it a great card game to play if you are alone during lockdown, but you still want to play games. Nowadays, you can find solitaire on most computers so the card game is easily accessible if you just have a computer because you don’t even need an internet connection in order to be able to play. Don’t hesitate to try out this fun card game.

Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash