3 Casino Card Games That Won’t Shake You Down

3 Casino Card Games That Won’t Shake You Down

All men were created equal according to the US constitution but not all casino games are. Sometimes it can seem like casinos and the games inside them are one homogenous blob, designed to take your money and leave you with nothing in return. Temples to other people’s money, casinos simply shake you down and allow you to go out with your dignity intact but with your cash anything but.

Whether its online or in Las Vegas, whether you are in the Bellagio or playing on your couch, there is nowhere more ruthless than a casino, or at least, that is how the story goes. Although with live gambling for the US means you can play whenever and whenever you want, people still thinks that the house always wins. Live games actually mean there is  less influence for the casino and more chance of winning, but some people think you are guaranteed to lose no matter what game you play.

Whilst it is true that that odds are always against you when you play casino games, there is a general agreement that some games  are harder to win than others and some games have better odds. Whatever game takes your fancy, it is important to know your odds. Here are three of the best card games to play if you are going to play for money in a casino, be it online or in person.


In terms of odds, this one is the best and it is the best for a number of important reasons. One of these is the fact that you are not playing against a whole host of people, as you are in other casino games, rather it is just you and the dealer. In some cases it can be you and others at the table  versus the dealer. You have a much better chance in a 1v1 situation than with lots of other people are competing for the same prize. It is also better for beginners as the rules are so simple. Unlike a game like bridge, you can learn Blackjack in literally seconds as long as you can count to 21. You do have to be careful though in that, the longer you play, the more your odds go down. So if you are on a streak it makes sense to step away for a little while to keep that streak going rather than ploughing on. For novices and experts alike blackjack is perfect.


If you are skilled then poker can win you a lot of money especially if you make sure you are playing with less skilled players. Going to a table and playing with people who are clearly just there for the fun of it is a great way to pick up some money. It also is very hard for the casino to influence what is going on as, in many cases, they are simply facilitating rather than being involved. It can be hard to win but when you get on a streak and in your zone then it can be quite hard for you to be stopped. It is a game that is simple to start but hard to master, however if you do master it then there are so many times you will come up against average and inexperienced players giving you a great chance of picking up big money and great prizes.


A less played casino game but one that can be exploited very well by players who know how to play. As with blackjack  you are taking on the house and no one else. You cannot be influenced or beaten by anyone apart from the dealer. It is a game with a very low house edge of around 1% which therefore allows you the chance to win more frequently than with other games. It is also a table that is not all that popular meaning casinos will not always put their best players there. If you know what you are doing it can be a great way to win big.