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Whist is a trick taking card game you're going to love

Start with Whist: A Guide to Winning Tricks

Whist is a trick taking game that can be satisfyingly strategic, complex and simple at the same time. It's played with two partnerships, much like bridge, is very easy to learn.
Sponsorship could be the answer to your bridge dreams
Bridge Sponsorship Can Help You Succeed
Are you planning a special bridge event? Does your little bridge club need extra support. Does your bridge team want to enter a competition that ...
Patricia Lazar - Let's Play Bridge Handbuilt Functional Teapot: "Let's Play Bridge"
Dealing with Losses at the Bridge Table
In poker, the term “tilting” is used to refer to “detrimental decision-making as a result of losing control due to negative emotions,” and anyone who’s ...
Image of playing cards spread out and overlapping
Card Games for 2 People Play
Even amidst all the video games we have access to in 2024, card games are still being played by people looking for a quick, convenient, ...
Bridge books and magazines resource - photo of woman in bridge motif sweater looking at a book made of playing cards
Essentials for today’s bridge book readers and collectors
I love bridge books, and have gathered many over my years in the world of bridge. If you're just starting out, here are some resources ...
vintage photo of playing cards spread over old newspapers
Bridge News Archive
It's so hard to erase old news! One never know if it will hold that link or that resource that someone is looking for. So, ...
What is Rubber Bridge?
What is Rubber Bridge?
Rubber Bridge is a variant of the contract bridge that is often used during a friendly game of kitchen bridge. The scoring is simple, and ...
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