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Are You Entertained Yet?

Bridge is reaching new heights as a widely recognized e-sport on the international circuit, and it's partially thanks to a company known as 52 Entertainment. The acquisition of Bridge Baron and Great Game Products to the company is their latest move. We find out exactly what's laid out on the table so far.
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Fun Card Games to Play with Friends
So What’s Social Bridge Online?
Bridge players might have heard about a new initiative called Social Bridge Online that's geared to drawing more people to social online bridge games. Great ...
How Can I Watch Bridge - Man with binoculars - Great Bridge Links
How Can I Watch Bridge? A Brief Bridge Kibitzing Guide
How Can I Watch Bridge? A Brief Bridge Kibitzing Guide by Alex J Coyne is © 2020 Great Bridge Links How can I watch? is ...
The EBU's National Grading System - Great Bridge Links
The EBU’s National Grading System (NGS) – How It’s Different From ACBL Master Points
The English Bridge Union (EBU) considers the National Grading System “a fair and trustworthy measure of an individual’s current performance” at bridge. Here’s everything bridge ...
Keep Bridge Alive - BAMSA
BAMSA and the Academic Exploration of Bridge
Bridge: A MindSport for All (BAMSA) is a collaborative research project launched by the University of Stirling (UK) and Professor Samantha Punch to investigate the ...
Thank you partner lithograph
Recipe for taking social bridge online.
For many bridge players, the game is a social activity played at home with friends rather than in a club or online. Lockdowns have prevented ...
RealBridge: An Online Bridge Server for Face-to-Face Bridge?
RealBridge: An Online Bridge Server for Face-to-Face Bridge?
RealBridge is a new online bridge platform created to provide “an online bridge experience which is closer to face-to-face bridge.” We spoke to programmer, bridgeur ...
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Why not sit back and relax, in the comfort of your own home, and try
Which Card Games Are the Biggest Game of Chance? - Great Bridge Links
Nowadays, more and more people prefer to play casino table games and slots online, which
Guide To Online Casino Bonuses in 2020
If you happen to be new to the world of online gaming, then you should
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Jackpots play an important role in the functioning of any casino. All modern lotteries adhere
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