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Bridge Screens - Great Bridge Links

All About Bridge Screens

Screens are used to help minimize the incidence of cheating in high-level bridge competitions. They divide the bridge diagonally to make it difficult for partners to interact with one another visually, and they’re used at many national and international events including this month's World Championships. Find out more about bridge screens.
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Rage at the Table - Great Bridge Links
Rage at the Table
Meltdowns and temper tantrums might be something that you would traditionally associate with a poker game - turns out that the same thing takes place ...
Wuhain china world bridge championships
China and the 44th World Team Championships
Bridge players are booking their trips to Wuhan, China for the 44th World Team Championships 2019 – and we thought it would be a great ...
All About Funbridge - Great Bridge Links
All About Funbridge
Created by GOTO Games, Funbridge is one of the leading options for online bridge play. There's a lot going on behind the scenes at GOTO ...
All About ABTA - Great Bridge Links
All About ABTA: the American Bridge Teachers’ Association
The ABTA is the one of the main rep organizations for bridge teachers. They handle all things related to teaching bridge and are in charge ...
Fred Gitelman - The Interview
Fred Gitelman – The Interview
Fred Gitelman is one of the biggest names in the bridge world largely due to his contributions to online bridge through Bridge Base Online. Fred ...
The Kids' Table Doc - Great Bridge Links
The Kids Table: The Next Big Bridge Documentary
Work on a new bridge film called The Kids Table was first announced back in October 2017 through World Bridge Youth News, and we’re finally ...
At the casino
Rogue Online Casino - Great Bridge Links
There are many rogue casinos out there ruining it for the good companies who are
Temperament for Poker - Great Bridge Links
Other writers don’t mention a very important requisite for poker success, your temperament when playing.
Opportunity Knocks - Great Bridge Links
Poker is a game of situations, position, and opportunity. Top players take advantage of these
Common Mistakes in Online Casino - Great Bridge Links
So you’ve decided you’re going to head to an online casino and try your luck
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