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Bridge Whiz - ACBL

BridgeWhiz: Bringing Bridge to More… Online

Great Bridge Links caught up with Kristen Frederick and Alvin Bender from the ACBLEF for all the important details. Here's what bridgeurs should know about BridgeWhiz, what it is, and how interested students can sign up.
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American Bridge Association
The American Bridge Association: Mark Your Calendars for the Welcome Back Tournament This November!
The ABA holds a position of national importance today. Their website is a rich resource of lessons, information about bridge, and more details about their ...
What is RealBridge?
Important Real-Life Bridge Questions We Asked RealBridge 
Online bridge is alive with possibility, with the game getting fresh players and spectators on a daily basis. As the number of bridge players continues ...
Duplicate Lite Bridge Club, Vancouver Canada
Bridge Clubs After COVID-19
Lockdown restrictions are lifting throughout the world. As rules continue to relax, many bridge players and clubs are hoping to return to face-to-face playing. But ...
Love Bridge Tablet Bridge Tablet Bridge Tournaments
Tablet Talk: How Tablets Will Change Face-to-Face Bridge Tournaments
Bridge tournaments played face-to-face might soon introduce the use of tablets instead of physical playing cards and bidding boxes. The United States Bridge Federation (USBF) ...
Catching Up with New Tricks Bridge - Great Bridge Links
Catching Up with New Tricks Bridge
New Tricks Bridge Club is an online resource that encourages learning bridge for everyone. Free lessons, a Tournament Series with expert commentary, and videos about ...
Bridge at the top
5 New Contract Bridge Books for Your Reading List
If you're an enthusiastic bridge reader, here's the best news you might receive this month: A handful of brand new bridge books have just appeared ...
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