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Bridge Hall of Famers - Great Bridge Links

Meet Some Bridge Hall of Famers

There are many bridge players of note who have reached great heights and accomplishments outside the world of cards. Here’s a closer look at some ACBL Hall of Fame members and their achievements away from the bridge table.
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Catching Up With BridgeScanner - Great Bridge Links
Catching Up with BridgeScanner
BridgeScanner is one of the leading websites for locating a bridge event anywhere in the world. There's listings for thousands of events from organizers and ...
Bridge Blogging Platforms - Great Bridge Links
Blogging About Bridge: BridgeBlogging versus BridgeWinners
Bridge is always up for discussion, and other than mainstream platforms like Wordpress there are a few specialized platforms meant just for blogging about bridge ...
Bridge Cloud Software for Bridge Clubs
BridgeCloud: A Hosting Option for Bridge Clubs
BridgeCloud is a service which allows bridge club owners and managers to create an easy cloud-based site for their individual bridge club and network with ...
Stories of Starting Bridge - Great Bridge Links
In Their Own Words: Stories of Starting Bridge
Even a few thousand games in, most bridge players will still have fond memories of the first time they picked up some cards. We spoke ...
Pizaa and bridge with Michael Xu
What Michael Xu wants to tell you about pizza
Michael Xu, of Palo Alto CA, first started playing bridge thanks to being invited to a Silicon Valley Youth Bridge party which he says is ...
Bridge By Country: South Africa - Great Bridge Links
Bridge By Country: South Africa
Bridge is played everywhere in the world. For our next location in our Bridge by Country series, here’s where to go and what to know in ...
At the casino
But It Still Ain’t Poker - Great Bridge Links
Some casinos in their literature and on their websites state that they offer poker when
Gambling Gods - Great Bridge Links
There are many Gods from mythology who are said to be in charge of luck,
The Rogue Ones: Avoiding Illegal Gambling Sites - Great Bridge Links
Not all online casinos are made of the same cloth - not all are registered,
But it ain't poker - At the casino, Great Bridge LInks
Just because it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a
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