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Ultimate Bridge - Great Bridge Links

Playing Ultimate Bridge on FB

Thumbs up for Facebook's Ultimate Bridge from our in house writer Alex. With a great interface, little to no lag time & group chat, it's almost like you're there in person. Looking for more online play? Read on for more details.
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One of Bridge’s Oldest Clubs - Great Bridge Links
One of Bridge’s Oldest Clubs
The historical Portland Club is located in London, and attests to being one of the oldest card clubs out there – and you can’t delve ...
15th World Bridge Championships
Bridge: Trying for the Olympics (Again)
The debate on whether or not the game of bridge can be considered a sport is firing up once again, and the discussion might be ...
A New Bridge Magazine publishes final issue
From New Bridge to Be Bridge
It's rare these days for a magazine to have the opportunity to transition into a new form: Being reborn from the ashes of past articles ...
Meadowlark Bridge Software
Chatting with Meadowlark about AI
Great Bridge Links caught up with Rodney A. Ludwig, creator of Meadowlark, to dig into how the software works and what is in store for ...
Bridge Robots behind Online Bridge Clubs
Online Bridge Clubs – What’s Behind The Curtain ?
Have you ever wondered about the software powering your favorite online bridge club? Who are the robots? Great Bridge Links did some digging to find ...
Coffee at the card table
Bridge players love coffee – but is it good for you?
Some people use caffeine it as a wake-up call both at the bridge table and away from it – but what does coffee do, is ...
At the casino
Jackpots in slot games - Great Bridge Links
Jackpots play an important role in the functioning of any casino. All modern lotteries adhere
Three Blackjack games that will revitalise your love for the classic
Blackjack is a classic card game which has always been globally popular – long before
The Biggest Sums of Money Won in Poker - Great Bridge Links
The game of poker has captivated millions of people around the world. For some it's
The Best Casino Games - Great Bridge Links
The Best Casino Games by Michael Wiesenberg Several Las Vegas casinos cost over $1 billion
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