What Makes a Great Bridge Tournament?

What makes a great bridge tournament - Great Bridge Links
For many bridge players, across the spectrum from amateur to elite, competing at tournaments is the absolute best part of the game. Whether you attend one tournament a year or you deliberately schedule your calendar around the events (making sure to hit the most exciting destinations, of course!), there are certain attributes that undeniably make some tournaments more enjoyable than others.

Fun & Games for Bridge Players

games for bridge players - great bridge links
There’s more to playing bridge than just playing bridge. In fact, it turns out there’s a whole range of bridge-related games for bridge players out there including crosswords to get to know your lingo around the table, quizzes to sharpen up your card knowledge and even a range of bridge-related puzzles.

Get Your Trump Markers Here

Trump indicators - Great Bridge Links
Trump markers today are a niche collectible, found in myriad forms but all originally serving one purpose: to signal which suit was trump. Alex has searched far and wide to bring your this great list of trump indicator resources.