A Collection of Irish Gambling Stories

A Collection of Irish Gambling Stories - Great Bridge Links
Here’s a look at the characteristic gambling luck of the Irish, some popular gambling folklore from that side of the pond and just where it all comes from – and, of course, whether any of it is useful to you when you gamble.

Care and Feeding of Beginners

Care and Feeding of Beginners - Great Bridge Links
At the card table, let’s be gentlemen and ladies, and show courtesy to the beginners. Not only will they bring fresh money into circulation, but remember that everyone, too, was once a beginner.

World Bridge: Pakistan

World Bridge Series: Pakistan - Great Bridge Links
We're taking a closer look at the game in Pakistan for the first in a series of World Bridge articles by country. Where did bridge first take root in the country, where is it now and where is the game going from here?

Off-Putting Card Decks

Off-Putting Card Decks - Great Bridge Links
There are thousands of different card decks that are a perfect gift for anyone who loves cards, or classic films, horror movie characters, action stars or naked people. There are themed card decks for almost everything, so what about the card decks that are a little quirky and just a little off-putting – but weird enough that you’ve just got to own them? Here's some good ones we found.