Why did this Vegas Casino cut its poker room in half?

Stadium Blackjack
by Margie Pignataro for Great Bridge Links. © 2016. Recently, the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has cut its poker room in half in order to make room for Stadium Blackjack.The way the room is constructed, it couldn't be divided in half aesthetically—not without offending the ceiling and the natural, slightly curved shape of the room. So why do this ?

80% of 18-44 year olds do this 22 hours a day

Royal Vegas Casino

Online gambling in 2016 has hit dizzy heights

Gambling has advanced exponentially in recent years and the market is now bigger than ever. Thanks to technological advancements, including the availably of Wi-Fi in public hot spots such as bars, shopping centres and public transport, there is a growing market for online gambling with more and more people getting involved.

Smartphones in particular have driven attention to mobile friendly interfaces for numerous software providers – and for good reason!


5 Social Card Games to Play with Your Friends

Fun Card Games to Play with Friends

Throughout my life I’ve always had a love for card games. In my childhood playing simple card games such as Snap, then playing Bridge with my brother and grandparents and burning the midnight oil playing Blackjack and Poker with my buddies.

As technology advances, perhaps the simple joys of the games devised on a 52 deck of cards are becoming somewhat antiquated and lost. Yet whether I’m at my family home on Christmas day,