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Many professional bridge players and teachers frequent various online forums. Post your bridge question to one of these workshops:

GOOGLE GROUPS lists (RGB) with over 3,000 current topics and lots of great bridge teachers and experts sharing their knowledge of the game. RGB is the granddaddy of online bridge discussion forums - it was around before the world wide web!

Bridge Base Forums - lots of activity and interesting topics including Book Reviews.


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HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY GREAT BRIDGE LINKS Hooray and we are planning to upgrade for 2015. Great Bridge Links first came online in 1995 as part of the website. This year marks 20 years of great bridge links! Thank you all for your constant support and please, send me a note to tel me what you would like to see more of and less of on this site.

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Something New! Bridge Exercises.Study, Practice, Compare, Discuss, Agree, Improve, Enjoy, Succeed! Start with a Demo. Perfectly suited for partnerships and/or teachers.

ONLINE CONVENTION CARDS - fill them out, save them, print them. It's the best of all scenarious on BRIDGE WINNERS. You'll need to create a users account but it's FREE.

Bridge Base Online now has an App. Play bridge on your iphone, ipad, or android devices! Play online or watch vugraphs. Click Here


Bridge Card Game MuseumHave you been to The Bridge Museum? Bridge has been played more than 100 years. It is derived from the Whist, a card game involving the number of strokes made. Trump is the color of the last dealt card. In the Netherlands, 1 million people play bridge while 110,000 are members of a club. That is 5 times as much as the total population of Leerdam, the place where the Bridge Museum is located. Take a virtual tour!

Something fun: VuBridge - free, internet based Autobridge revival! Review and play hands from championships, authors and teachers can prepare hands, create hands, review hands, also has a vugraph "instant search" facility to retrieve, play and review Championship boards

Do you love slots? Online casinos allow you to enjoy slots games right from your computer or mobile device. Learn how to choose the casino that's right for you, learn casino etiquette and more on the slots guide.

Bridge fans looking to play some casino card games such as blackjack, baccarat and poker can visit here for detailed guides to these games, as well as beginners info on opening and playing at an online gambling site.

Canadian Poker Sites. Both poker and bridge are card games that use a style of play that demands a routine, and both card games involve probabilities. However, in bridge you must play your cards the right way to win. When playing poker in Canada, it's important to routinely fold bad hands, or risk becoming a losing player.

Bridge Apps for iPhone/iPad

You can now play bridge, practices bridge and read bridge conventions while relaxing at the cabin thanks to these iPhone and iPad apps. Clicking on the link below will take you to the GBL Software page, not the app store.

Bridge Apps

Lots of bridge apps to be found for Android devices on Google Play Click Here

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WHAT'S ON 2015

Mar 12-2 2ACBL Spring NABCNew Orleans, LA

Apr 1-7 APBF Youth Teams Championships Bangkok, Thailand

Apr 8-12 Yeh Bros Cup Shanghai, China

Apr 24-May 3 Jersey Festival of BridgeLambourne, Jersey, Channel Is.

Apr 30-May 4 ABF Autumn NationalsAdelaide, Australia

May 15-23 28th CACBF Zonal ChampionshipsChrist Church, Barbados, W.I.

May 21-25 Graz Bridge DaysGraz, Austria

May 21-31 50th Asia Pacific BF ChampionshipsBangkok, Thailand

Jun 6-14 17th German Bridge FestivalWyk/Fuhr, Germany

Jun 27-Jul 11 7th Open Europen Championships Tromsø, Norway

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