World Youth Open Championships Underway

World Youth Bridge Championships

Follow the future of bridge this week in Italy as the WBF hosts the 4th World Youth Open Bridge Championships. We’ll feature links to photos, a Daily Journal and the Daily Bulletins on OUR NEW FACEBOOK PAGE click here > (you’ll love it)

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Jack wins 19th World Computer Bridge Championships

Jack Computer Bridge SoftwareAt the NABCs in Chicago this summer, the computer program Jack won its 10th World Championship, winning over Wbridge5 in the final. Eight programs entered the event, with Wbridge5, Jack, MicroBridge and Q-Plus Bridge placing top in the round robin and moving into the semi-finals. Click here to view Jack website. Or read article in Daily Bulletin, click here.

Official World Computer Bridge Championships Page click here >


Do you know about the Women’s Online Bridge Club? They host twice-yearly Women’s Online Bridge Festivals which are specifically designed to promote women’s bridge. The first takes place from 31st August – 4th September and the 2015 Autumn Festival will be held from 9th – 15th November 2015 The main prize for the 2015 Autumn Festival and the 2016 Spring Festival to be held in April 2016 (dates to be decided) will be Free entry to the National Women’s Pairs event to be held during the World Bridge Games in Wroclaw, Poland for the winner and a partner of her choice. Find out more here >

Play Bridge on Facebook - Ultimate BridgeUltimate Bridge – play your favourite game on Facebook! Never miss your friends’ messages again. Bridge is a trick-taking game using a standard 52-card deck. It is played by four players in two competing partnerships. Millions of people play bridge worldwide making it one of the world’s most popular card games. The game consists of several deals each progressing through four phases: the auction (also referred to as bidding), playing the cards, and scoring the results.  Find out more >

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Puzzles, Columns and Articles

Bridge puzzles, columns and articlesBridge Players love puzzles! Crosswords, jigsaws, word play, logic problems …. and the ultimate puzzle, the game of bridge itself. On this page you will find links to bridge quizzes, puzzles, contests and whatever else I can find that fits into the category of “Puzzling Encounters” for bridge players. Click Here >

Gifts & Supplies for Card Players

Gifts and Supplies for Card PlayersWe spend hours scouring the web looking for novelty bridge items and gifts for your shopping list. Party Supplies and Costumes too! We’ve done the surfin’ for ya!