Bridge Hackathon Two

BridgeBee – An interactive beehive of bridge hands. Alex J Coyne interviews Mary Maier co-creator of this innovative new bridge app.  Read more here ->

World Bridge Computer Hackathon- The #BridgeHackathon is a new event created by developer and bridge enthusiast Kiat Huang allowing for coding, creativity and bridge cross over to create new, innovative open source software.  He hopes to turn his Hackathon into a regular event – and encourages other groups of bridge-loving coders and developers to do the same by organizing their own. Here’s what you should know about the #BridgeHackathon.  Read article here ->

The World Computer Bridge Championships is officially cancelled.  Read more here >

Is it or is it not AI? Great Bridge Links caught up with Rodney A. Ludwig, creator of Meadowlark, to dig into how the software works and what is in store for Meadowlark in the future. Read article here ->

Online Bridge Clubs. What’s behind the curtain? Have you ever wondered about the software powering your favorite online bridge club? Who are the robots? Great Bridge Links did some digging to find out what popular bridge software are running the online bridge clubs today.  Read article here ->

Bridge Robot Online Bridge PlaySynrey Bridge and Micro Bridge met in the finals of the 2019 World Computer Bridge Championship but aren’t they the same robot? Alex interviews Erik Liu, creator of Synrey Bridge, a second time to find out. Read article here ->

New website:  Computer Bridge by Björn Hjalmarsson. This is a cool new site that focusses on computerized bridge – the software, the robots, the online places to play. And recently relaunched!


No need to spend time alone when there are so many places online where you can meet up with other bridge players and do what we all love – play cards!

You can play in tournaments against robots or you can play against real human players – with no chance of passing along a virus. See you there!

Online Bridge Clubs – Click Here

CoronaVirus and the World of Bridge

Bridge in the time of Covid-19MAJOR ALT INVITATIONAL

This week the Major Alt is played Monday to Friday on BBO. The field surpasses all our expectations.32 world-class teams plus four specially invited teams (among them a transnational junior team). And they are all here: Meckwell, Helgeness, Zia. Too many to name. 22 countries are represented and the number of world titles in total is well above three digits.  Bulletins and info here – >


Free Magazines. Publishers are offering their magazines free to help us all cope with the lockdown. We’ll start listing links here: Better Bridge Magazine (Audrey Grant) / BeBridge (Le Bridgeur) / Bridge Canada April (CBF) / BridgeRama (FunBridge) / Bridge Canada June (CBF)

From the World Bridge Federationclick here ->

Baron Barclay Helpful Resources and Freebies – links to books and videos. Click here to visit their Resource Page.

Socially Isolating? Enjoy this FREE Digital Care Package from The Bridge Shop with books, tips, games and more. Click here ->

Free Magazines. Publishers are offering their magazines free this month to help us all cope with the lockdown. We’ll start listing links here: Better Bridge Magazine (Audrey Grant) / BeBridge (Le Bridgeur) / Bridge Canada (CBF) / BridgeRama (FunBridge)

THE CORONAVIRUS TIMES  – Page of links and news from around the world

The Coronavirus Times – Click Here


Andrew Chen Youngest ACBL Life MasterAndrew Chen of San Jose CA became the youngest ACBL Life Master ever on May 27, just three days after turning 8. He broke the record held by Zach Garrison by more than a year. That record was set in 2012, shortly before Andrew was born. 500 Master Points is the requirement for Life Master status. Read more here ⇥

World Bridge Championships/Games 2020 UpdateStatement, May 25, 2020. The World Bridge Federation Management Committee has made the unanimous decision to consider the 2020 as not existing, maintaining in 2021 the World Team Championships and postponing to 2022 the World Bridge Games, so maintaining unaltered the WBF quadrennial Cycle only switching in the even-numbered years the World Bridge Games and the World Bridge Series. Read full statement here ->

Lynn Deas, RIP – Tributes flood in for one of the bridge world’s most famous and accomplished bridge players, recently inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame. Grand Life Master Lynn Deas has 27 NABC wins, 14 second-place finishes including the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs, and nine world championships made up of seven Women’s team events (three in the Venice Cup, two in the World Bridge Games (formerly Olympiad), one in the McConnell Cup and one in the SportAccord World Mind Games) and two in Women’s pairs events (World Bridge Series and SportAccord World Mind Games); plus four silver and three bronze medals. Deas won the Lazard Sportsmanship Award in 2004, Deas passed away May 11, 2020. Read Tributes on Bridge Winners here – >

The Stay at Home, Play at Home Regional – the ACBL’s first online regional tournament – drew 5237 tables. Fourteen events were held over four days, with 4984 players gaining masterpoints.  Results and more here ->

Why Play Bridge? What makes bridge brilliant:

Be Bridge by Le BridgeurIt’s here! The new life-style oriented bridge magazine by the folks at Le Bridgeur – BeBridge is now available in English. Chief Editor Mark Horton. Here is a digital link:…/pu…/bebridge-01-march-2020/

Is Bridge an Olympic Sport? Bridge and Chess, having been recognized as a sport by the IOC and many national Olympic Committees (but not in the US), should ‘push’ for a place in the summer Olympics.” says Al Levy in an interview with Alex J Coyne. Read more here –>


WBF Directory 2020Have you checked out the WBF Directory? Find all things to do with the World Bridge Federation in a 215 page PDF you can read online or download to your desktop for offline reading. First published online Jan 17 2020 the booklet will be updated regularly with note of date of publication both within the Directory and on the web page so that you can ensure you are downloading the latest version. Click here to view ->


Bridge Videos Movies Youtube on Great Bridge LinksNew Tricks Bridge offers in-depth tutorials, and the New Tricks Tournament Series, featuring eight of the world’s best bridge players, battling it out for individual glory. This exciting new website and program is providing a new source for online bridge resources for beginners and experienced players – in video format. We’ve interviewed one of the founders Sue Johnson – read article here ->


American Education FoundationMillions of Americans play bridge and millions more want to learn. About 15 million Americans age 45 and over know how to play bridge and among those who don’t know how to play, almost one out of five said they are interested in learning – a whopping 11 million people according to an article on the ACBL Education Foundations’s blog

Do you have a great idea for a bridge project, event or club? You might qualify for an ACBL Education Foundation Grant! Read more here ->


Play Robot Bridge on FunbridgeRobot Bridge is anytime fun for all levels.

Enjoy playing bridge with robots anytime anywhere – on your phone, your tablet or your computer. Play one hand, a 4-hand tournament, or challenge tournaments. You are always playing against robots and with a robot partner.  Find all the best apps on our bridge apps page here →

Just Play Bridge – Test your skill with this Solitaire Bridge Game on

Ever want to just go online and play a few hands and not worry about signing in or setting up at a table? On the ACBL website and courtesy of Bridge Base Online you can Just Play Bridge. Read more here –>

Coffee Break!

Bridge Articles by Famous Authors - Great Bridge LinksEnjoy bridge on your coffee break. Bridge Players love puzzles! Crosswords, jigsaws, word play, logic problems …. and the ultimate puzzle, the game of bridge itself. On this page you will find links to daily bridge articles, bridge quizzes, puzzles, contests and whatever else we find in our travels around the ‘net. Click Here >

How To Play Bridge

Owls Playing Bridge - Great Bridge LinksLearn to play bridge with videos, lessons, apps and teachers. Visit our GBL Classroom to find everything you need!

Bridge can be played by anyone, young and old. It’s not only great for your brain but your social life as well! Bridge players can find friends in any city in the world.


What is the game of bridge?

Keep Calm and Play Bridgefrom the World Bridge Federation:

Bridge is the ultimate trick-taking card game, easily the greatest source of enjoyment that four people can have with a pack of cards.

Bridge is a sport: the World Bridge Federation is recognised by the International Olympic Committee. Just like every sport, Bridge offers enormous benefits to its players.

It is enjoyed by tens of millions of people throughout the world – more so than any other card game. In social circles it is considered the card game. Whether you play casually among friends or seriously in clubs and tournaments, you will find it to be fascinating, challenging and enjoyable.

from the European Bridge League:

The game of bridge is a mindsport card game to be enjoyed by players of all ages. Four players form two partnerships, taking the points of the compass. North plays with South and East with West. Each player receives thirteen cards (your hand) which should be sorted into suits: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs.

The game is divided into two phases, bidding and play.

Why Play Bridge?

There’s a reason why millions of people around the world play bridge, many of them as a lifelong hobby. It’s a social game that creates partnerships through teamwork and sportsmanship. Bridge may be thrilling when you win and humbling when you don’t, but there’s one thing it will never be – boring.  The game of bridge creates a community. With just a deck of cards and a group of friends – or even strangers – you can have fun and dive into a game that has been drawing new players for centuries. Not only does it sharpen the mind and challenge your wit, bridge opens new doors with opportunities to network and socialize with other sharp-minded competitors. Find out more on Try Bridge Dot Org!

Should you be a bridge player - Great Bridge LinksShould you be a bridge player? Take this quiz

Millions worldwide have found bridge to be an enriching, even obsessive pastime. Do you have what it takes to join them? Take this quick quiz to determine your potential for learning and enjoying the world’s most popular card game.

Click here >>


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