Upcoming Tournaments


July 21-31, Washington DC. Join the excitement and competition of bridge in the USA nation capital!  There are games for all skill levels, daily. Featured events are the Youth NABC, the Von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs, Grand National Teams, Spingold KOs, Wagar Women’s KOs, Truscott Senior Swiss, Roth Open Swiss, Wernher Open Pairs and of course much more! Read all about it and be sure to check out the Daily Bulletins here >

2016 World Youth Teams Championships

Salsomaggiore, Italy,  3 – 13 August 2016. Click here >> to go to the information pages for the Youth Teams Championship

2016 World Bridge Games, Wroclaw, Poland

3rd – 17th September at the magnificent Hala Stulecia, or Centennial Hall . This event comprises National Open, Women’s, Seniors and, for the first time Mixed Teams followed by National Open, Women’s Seniors and Mixed Pairs Championships. Great Bridge Links will host a ‘jump page’ with all the links, galleries, bulletins, and videos. But for now, you can find out more at the WBF information page click here >>

Exciting News! 1st Online Yeh Bridge World Cup

The 1st Yeh Online Bridge World Cup will take place from 31 October – 2 November 2016 under the auspices of the World Bridge Federation.

This will be the first ever live online Bridge Show, featuring the some of the greatest champions and biggest personalities associated with the game together with a top class team of commentators who will analyze the deals for the watching online spectators. Click here to read more about this exciting event which we are sure is going to be of great interest to bridge players all over the world.

Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge Magazine is Now Digital!

Audrey Grant's Better BridgeYour favorite (or soon to be favorite) magazines can be read on your phone, tablet, or computer making it easy to read on the go. Our friends at Joomag have made it easy to order and keep all of your issues in one place!  You’ll never lose another issue. All of your magazine will be stored in one easy to reach place on your device. Zoom! You can increase the size of the page with a swipe of your fingers. You never have to change your address again. Do you move from place to place throughout the year? No need to call and change your address if you subscribe digitally. Easy Navigation. Travel to the article you wish to read by tapping the title in the Table of Contents.  Find out more >

Just Play Bridge

Just Play Bridge - ACBL

Test your skill with this FREE Solitaire Bridge Game.

Ever want to just go online and play a few hands and not worry about signing in or setting up at a table? The ACBL has recently launched Just Play Bridge – courtesy of Bridge Base Online. Go to this link and you can start playing right away! The robots play a basic 2/1 system with 5 card majors and strong notrumps. They can occasionally be quirky. Hover over a bid for an explanation. This will help avoid misunderstandings. This is non-masterpoint play. You can play with or without registering.

How To Play Bridge

Three Youtube videos – each showing you the very basics of the world’s most amazing card game. Enjoy!


Puzzles, Columns and Articles

Bridge puzzles, columns and articlesBridge Players love puzzles! Crosswords, jigsaws, word play, logic problems …. and the ultimate puzzle, the game of bridge itself. On this page you will find links to bridge quizzes, puzzles, contests and whatever else I can find that fits into the category of “Puzzling Encounters” for bridge players. Click Here >

Bridge at the movies!

Bridge Videos Movies Youtube on Great Bridge Links

New on Great Bridge Links.

We’ve set up a page to feature links to bridge videos and bridge video channels. Visit the ACBL channel where you can find out how to learn bridge in a day! Visit the WBF channel and watch world championships, take quizzes, learn from great players. We’ll be adding more to this page over time so visit often! Hope you like it – Click here >

At The Casino

In the 1980s a bridge partner of mine used to talk about how he thought if someone could put a casino on the internet it would be pretty successful. Now it’s 2016 and the online casino industry is very much a huge part of the web. If you type ‘online casino’ into google you get 7,310,000 results. Some of these casinos support Great Bridge Links and Gifts for Card Players through links and articles. While I don’t play online myself (my game is blackjack), I do check all the links to be sure they are what they are supposed to be. We hope that if you’re interested in playing the slots or blackjack or poker online, you’ll try it with some of our sponsors. Thank you!

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Canadian Poker Sites. Both poker and bridge are card games that use a style of play that demands a routine, and both card games involve probabilities. However, in bridge you must play your cards the right way to win. When playing poker in Canada, it’s important to routinely fold bad hands, or risk becoming a losing player.

Gifts & Supplies for Card Players

Gifts and Supplies for Card PlayersWe spend hours scouring the web looking for novelty bridge items and gifts for your shopping list. Party Supplies and Costumes too! We’ve done the surfin’ for ya!

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