8 Great Videos to Improve Your Game

8 Great Videos to Improve Your Game

by Alex J. Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links

While you can pick up all the bridge knowledge you’ll ever need to know from books, sometimes it’s better to learn by seeing. Check out Alex’s list of bridge videos, tutorials, lessons, TV episodes – and even a documentary – that’ll help you stay on top of your game.

The Australian Bridge Federation

While the site recommends that beginners attend a course at their local Bridge club, they offer six videos for new players. Topics include Introduction to Bridge, Bidding, No Trumps, Responding to Suit Bids, Opener’s Rebid and Responder’s Rebid.
See the first video in the series here.

The 7th European Open Championships

The 7th European Open Championships were held in Tromso, Norway between the 27th of June and 11th of July 2015, and you can check out videos recorded during the tournament here. The videos include interviews with the players, prize-giving events and also useful hints from seasoned players like, “Don’t Forget to Play a Board!”.

Bridge Union

Bridge Union’s YouTube channel has in-depth lessons, presented by Bridget, that tell you everything you need to know. There are 21 videos in all, including a Mini Bridge Game (split up over three videos) for you to see how the game works in action. YouTube user Kevin Larsen was cool enough to organize them into one playlist.

The Game of Bridge

If you love animation, you’ll love this: Check out this brief (under four minute!) animated explanation of the game of Bridge by YouTube user Max Chauvet. It covers all of the basics in a short and easy format, so it’s great for explaining Bridge to kids or completely novice players.

Play Modern Bridge with Andrew Robson

Play Modern Bridge with Andrew Robson puts you right in the classroom in front of a Bridge table as Robson takes you through the basics – it’s got a real classroom-type feel mixed with an actual game of Bridge occurring several steps away from where Robson explains exactly what’s going on. Definitely useful!

Join us for Bridge with Shaw Taylor

Here’s a blast from the past – can any of our readers remember this TV show from the 1980’s? It’s highly informative and definitely worth checking out this episode on YouTube.

Bridge, the card game 

Remember that teacher or professor you just happened to click with really damned well? Shafik Ismail is the YouTube version of that professor, so go and check out the Bridge instruction series on his YouTube channel – you’ll definitely learn something, and he’s got a great, laid-back, easy-speaking way of getting things across.

In the Cards: The Secret World of Professional Bridge

Okay, you’ve got us: This one is not technically a teaching tool, but while you’re browsing YouTube for Bridge videos, this one is worth checking out: Just how does the world of professional Bridge work? This documentary presents a fascinating look and is a must-see for any serious Bridge boffins.