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Books for sale at the Termination Dust Sectional, Anchorage, AK, October 2004

“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The fastest way to learn bridge, at all levels, is to read. Below is a list of bridge book shops around the world, for those times when you’re not able to peruse the book table at a local bridge tournament. (Photo: Book table at the 2004 Termination Dust Sectional, Anchorage AK)

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Who’s the Best Bridge Writer?

Discussion on Bridge Winners   offers a fantastic list of great bridge authors, their books, and what makes them great. Who would be your pick for the best Bridge Writer?

2017 Bridge Book of the year - Great Bridge LinksBest Bridge Books of 2017

Are you looking for books to fill your shelf or ebook reader with this January? We’ve collected some of the best bridge books for 2017 for you to take on your way to 2018. Read all about it here >>

Book Shops


Note: Many National Bridge Organizations have regular magazines available to members only. These magazines are not listed here.

the New Bridge Magazine

BRIDGE Magazine (U.K.), which ceased publication with the December 2017 issue, was the world’s oldest bridge magazine, having begun publication in 1926. In 2011, the magazine went from a printed to an online format. The magazine’s editor, Mark Horton, and its jack-of-all-trades, Ron Tacchi, have begun publishing “A NEW BRIDGE MAGAZINE” online. The new magazine is currently offered free of charge. To receive notification each time the new magazine is published, go to and register

The Bridge World

Also one of the oldest bridge publications, TBW was established in 1929 by Ely Culbertson and continues to be one of the authoritative magazines on the game. Find their store here, order back issues or subscribe. The Bridge World Editorial Staff: Jeff Rubens, Phillip Alder, Kit Woolsey, Michael Becker, David Berkowitz, Augie Boehm, Bart Bramley, Larry Cohen, Mark Feldman, Fred Gitelman, Eddie Kantar, Danny Kleinman, Ron Klinger, Eric Kokish, Beverly Kraft and Bobby Wolff.

IMP Bridge Magazine

IMP Bridge Magazine is aimed at Dutch bridge players, so we should note that the entire magazine is in Dutch.

Australian Bridge Magazine

Australian Bridge Magazine, published monthly, represents bridge players in Australia, though readers elsewhere will still get a lot out of their tournament coverage and columns. You can also subscribe to their Novice edition, aimed at newer players.

Better Bridge Magazine

Better Bridge Magazine is a bi-monthly fronted by seasoned bridge player and teacher Audrey Grant. A year-long subscription only runs you $29, so it’s more than worth it.

Mr Bridge

Mr Bridge is a UK monthly magazine and you can subscribe to it at £49 for 12 issues, £79 for 24 or £109 for 36. There’s also a bridge shop and searchable archive of past issues.

The Bridge Bulletin

The Bridge Bulletin is filled with useful tips, info and up-to-date news, though it’s only available to ACBL members.

English Bridge

English Bridge is the official publication of the EBU, and also only available to EBU members. You can still view a list of past issues on the same page – only the newer issues seem restricted to members – so it’s still worth checking out even if you’re not a current member.

Bridge Canada

Bridge Canada is published 6 times a year and available to members of the Canadian Bridge Federation only.


The IBPA Monthly Bulletin.

Edited by John Carruthers, the Bulletin is a “writers digest”, containing the creme de la creme of bridge hands and news around the world.  You can download a sample copy here (not currently available)

Barbara Seagram Bridge Newsletter

Another newsletter published by a seasoned and well-known bridge player, you can check out Barbara Seagram’s bridge newsletter over here. Subscribe to newer issues, or read through the archive – which goes back to 2012.

The Hong Kong Bridge Association

The official newsletter of the Hong Kong Bridge Association can be found here – again, you can sign up or browse through the archives instead.

The Bridge Laws Mailing List

Subscribe here (or view an archive of previous posts) to have the laws of bridge delivered straight to your inbox: This one doesn’t seem to be updated anymore, though it is still useful for anyone who needs to run over the rules.

No Fear Bridge

No Fear Bridge is UK-based and seems mainly focused around teaching bridge: Still, they offer a newsletter you can subscribe to for free.

Bridge Hands eMagazine

This link seems largely outdated and was last updated in 2013; according to the link, you can still subscribe to the Bridge Hands e-magazine, though your best bet is going over to the newsletter archive to check out past issues of this e-magazine.

Online Publications

The World Youth Bridge Magazine

This is a new website established and managed by the World Bridge Federation and geared towards youth, junior and kids bridge players. It has a great offering of news, photos, interviews, stories and video.

Great Bridge Links

You’re reading this page on Great Bridge Links! GBL has been online since 1995 and after its relaunch in 2015 has grown into a comprehensive magazine style bridge site with news, regular stories and articles by great writers, and over 3000 links to ‘all that’s bridge on the net’.

Gifts for Card Players

This is another part of the Great Bridge Links franchise with a standalone magazine section featuring articles about cards, products for card lovers, and lots of articles about poker, slots machines, casino play, and online play.

Bridge Daily Bulletins Archive

This website contains thousands of bulletins from various tournaments. Owners Frank van Wezel and Hans van de Konijnenberg scan old bulletins and frequently post the bulletins of older tournaments as well as bulletins of all the recently played (major) tournaments. This is a fantastic resource. Bridge Daily Bulletins


Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge Magazine is Now Digital!

Your favorite (or soon to be favorite) magazines can be read on your phone, tablet, or computer making it easy to read on the go. Our friends at Joomag have made it easy to order and keep all of your issues in one place! Here are some great reasons to go digital:

You’ll never lose another issue. All of your magazine will be stored in one easy to reach place on your device.
Zoom! You can increase the size of the page with a swipe of your fingers. You never have to change your address again. Do you move from place to place throughout the year? No need to call and change your address if you subscribe digitally. Easy Navigation. Travel to the article you wish to read by tapping the title in the Table of Contents.

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