Books for sale at the Termination Dust Sectional, Anchorage, AK, October 2004

“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The fastest way to learn bridge, at all levels, is to read. Below is a list of bridge book shops around the world, for those times when you’re not able to peruse the book table at a local bridge tournament. (Photo: Book table at the 2004 Termination Dust Sectional, Anchorage AK)



Bridge Daily Bulletins Archive

This website contains thousands of bulletins from various tournaments. Owners Frank van Wezel and Hans van de Konijnenberg scan old bulletins and frequently post the bulletins of older tournaments as well as bulletins of all the recently played (major) tournaments. This is a fantastic resource. Bridge Daily Bulletins

The Bridge World

Founded in 1929 by Ely Culbertson, The Bridge World is widely considered to be the world’s leading bridge magazine. For ninety years, The Bridge World has been the world’s authority on the game, where every important bridge analyst in the history of the game has contributed, and virtually every new advance, development, and system in the history of the game has first appeared in its pages. The Bridge World is published monthly (12 issues per year) and is the world’s oldest continuously-published bridge magazine. The Bridge World >>

Bridge Magazine

The World’s longest running Bridge magazine – established 1926, Bridge Magazine’s outstanding team of writers cover every aspect of the game. A monthly publication featuring book reviews, news, quizzes & competitions, readers’ letters, special subscriber offers and much much more. Bridge Magazine >>

Other Magazines

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Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge Magazine is Now Digital!

Your favorite (or soon to be favorite) magazines can be read on your phone, tablet, or computer making it easy to read on the go. Our friends at Joomag have made it easy to order and keep all of your issues in one place! Here are some great reasons to go digital:

You’ll never lose another issue. All of your magazine will be stored in one easy to reach place on your device.
Zoom! You can increase the size of the page with a swipe of your fingers. You never have to change your address again. Do you move from place to place throughout the year? No need to call and change your address if you subscribe digitally. Easy Navigation. Travel to the article you wish to read by tapping the title in the Table of Contents.

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