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When you’re not sitting at the table actively involved in a game, you can benefit from reading about bridge instead. Alex has collected some bridge columns and archives to keep you busy. Remember, daily practice is the key to success in any endeavour. Greatness takes more than a single day.

Hand of the Week, 52 Bridge Stories – A Review

Hand of the Week - Great Bridge Links
Bridge books often repeat the same ideas, and it is rare to find a volume that offers something new. Hand of the Week, 52 Bridge Stories (Master Point Press, 2018), by Vancouver, B.C., bridge teacher Joel Martineau, definitely offers something new.

Can I help you with your bridge website?

So if you're a bridge author with a new book to promote or a tournament chair with a big regional every year or maybe you just want to share stories about your bridge life, or bridge links or tips or humour, you can hire Jude Goodwin to set your site up and after that manage it completely on your own.

Different Types of Bridge

Bridge isn’t just bridge. There are many different forms of bridge, including duplicate bridge, rubber bridge, Chicago bridge and the aptly named Minibridge. We’ve collected some more info about each for you below. Which form does your favorite bridge game take?