And guess who was sitting North!

Celebrities at the Bridge Table - Great Bridge Links
Just like in the world of poker, the bridge tables and tournaments of the world also have their selection of celebrities – people who are famous for playing bridge. But we thought we'd look at famous people who also happen to play bridge.

The International Budapest Bridge Festival & LoveBridge

LoveBridge in Budapest - Great Bridge Links
The LoveBridge tablet system was used at the  42nd International Budapest Bridge Festival in 2019 replacing traditional bidding boxes and cards with technology. Alex J. Coyne and Great Bridge Links caught up with Péter Talyigás from LoveBridge to find out what the platform brought to the tournament,

The Best of Both Worlds: BBO and Funbridge

FunBridge and BBO Merger
Bridge Base Online and GOTO Games’ Funbridge are two highly successful bridge platforms in their own right, and the recently announced merger has a lot of players wondering about why the two companies have decided to join forces – and how it will affect the future for players on either platform.