The E-open : A New Online Bridge event

e-Open Bridge Tournament
Set your reminders and mark your calendars for an upcoming bridge event that's sure to trump anything else you might have going on that week. The E-Open promises to be a fun, engaging tournament - Great Bridge Links and Alex caught up with Christophe Grosset via e-mail to find out more.

A Grateful Goodbye to Bridge Cartoonist Dr. William (Bill) Buttle

Dr. Bill Buttle, Cartoonist
Canadian cartoonist Bill Buttle passed in January, 2020 at the age of 79. He leaves behind a wonderful legacy of bridge cartoons that will be enjoyed by bridge players for decades more to come. Here's a brief look at his life and quirky, unforgettable contributions to bridge humour.

Tricky Bridge: A New Bridge-Playing App

Tricky Bridge App
Tricky Bridge is a new bridge playing app by Forklift Studios with an upcoming release date scheduled for September, 2020 although it's now in PlayTesting phase. Alex catches up with Scott Hoffer for the story about his company Forklift and their exciting new project.

Q&A with Diyan Danailov – Bridge Champion of Note

Diyan Danailov
We got an e-mail from Diyan Danailov, winner of the Cavendish Cup (2017) and the Open Pairs 9th European Open Championship (2019). He's the face of and hopes to bring the game to entirely new players with a level of enthusiasm about the game everyone can admire. Here's what he had to say about playing (and teaching) bridge.


The Bridge Hackathon was born when Huang couldn't find an answer on his favorite bridge developer forum to the question, “Can this talented group work together in big teams on a small number of globally-impacting projects?” Read Alex's interview here.