One of Bridge’s Oldest Clubs

One of Bridge’s Oldest Clubs - Great Bridge Links
The historical Portland Club is located in London, and attests to being one of the oldest card clubs out there – and you can’t delve into the history of bridge without finding mentions to its name.

Bridge: Trying for the Olympics (Again)

15th World Bridge Championships
The debate on whether or not the game of bridge can be considered a sport is firing up once again, and the discussion might be burning hotter than the Olympic torch itself as opposing sides come forth with what they think the game should be.

From New Bridge to Be Bridge

A New Bridge Magazine publishes final issue
It's rare these days for a magazine to have the opportunity to transition into a new form: Being reborn from the ashes of past articles into something new and exciting, while still carrying some of the feathers from the Phoenix past. And yet New Bridge has done just that.