Bridge & Cheating in the New World

Team Blass
Online play has been wholeheartedly embraced and welcomed. Clubs are able to continue to run. A recent online charity game in Main CA was able to raise $158,000. Bridge is suddenly way more accessible. At the same time, however, so is cheating. 

52 Entertainment Continues its March Across the World of Bridge

52 Entertainment Buys Masterpoint Press
The 52 Entertainment brand is gaining speed – and steadily becoming one of the largest umbrellas in the world of bridge. Great Game Products, Bridge Baron, Bridge Base Online, China Bridge Online, and Funbridge are some of the recent additions and now Master Point Press.

Tricky Bridge attracts 7, 000 new bridge players in its first week

Tricky Bridge
Tricky Bridge has a fantastic launch. 7, 000 new users introduced to bridge in its first week. Apple's top featured ew game of the week. Top-ranked at “Games”, “New Games We Love” and “Reimagined Classics”