Online Bridge Clubs – What’s Behind The Curtain ?

Bridge Robots behind Online Bridge Clubs
Have you ever wondered about the software powering your favorite online bridge club? Who are the robots? Great Bridge Links did some digging to find out what popular bridge software are running the online bridge clubs today.

Bridge players love coffee – but is it good for you?

Coffee at the card table
Some people use caffeine it as a wake-up call both at the bridge table and away from it – but what does coffee do, is it bad for you, are there side-effects, or is it a miracle cure helping you perform better and live longer. Alex takes a trip to the coffee shop for us and Jude steps in with an introduction to 'coffee housing'

Teaching New Tricks: Meet the NT Bridge Club

New Tricks Bridge Club
New Tricks Bridge features in-depth tutorials, and the New Tricks Tournament Series, featuring eight of the world's best bridge players, battling it out for individual glory. We interviewed one of the founders, Sue Johnson, to learn what this is all about.

Play online with Synrey Bridge

Synrey Bridge
In the recent IBPA Newsletter, we noticed that Synrey Bridge  was mentioned as one of the places to play in a new World Online Championship (WOC) beginning in 2020 and hosted by the World Bridge Federation. Players will be able to purchase tournament entries in batches to play on BBO, FunBridge or Synrey (China Bridge Online) against robots. While familiar with BBO and FunBridge, we didn't know much about Synrey so we asked our journalist Alex Coyne find out more.