The Royalty of Bridge

The Royalty of Bridge - Great Bridge Links
Cricket might be a game of gentlemen, but bridge seems to be the game for, well, everyone - it just happens to income some royal and celebrity players, too. Great Bridge Links went and took a look at some royals, presidents and world leaders who also happened to be avid bridge players just like the rest of us here.

Should Bridge get the High-Tech Treatment Too?

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When it comes to playing cards online, most people automatically think of poker or blackjack. One game not on that list but still played by millions around the world is bridge. Interestingly, although bridge even boasts a global governing body - The World Bridge Federation - it has not crossed over into the online world in the same way as other card games have such as poker and blackjack.

Bridging the Social Canyon

Bridge - a social game - Great Bridge Links
Bridge has a lengthy, multi-layered history, but the version we play today evolved from the game whist. In whist, actual gameplay was almost identical, but there was no betting beforehand, and thus no trump suit. In addition, the scoring was vastly simplified.

Getting Into ‘The Common Game’

The Common Game - Bridge - Great Bridge Links
You might've heard the talk in Bridge circles about something called 'The Common Game'. But just what the heck is it about? Great Bridge Link's Alex J. Coyne did some investigating.