5 Tips to Become a Successful Poker Player

5 Tips to becoming a successful poker player - Great Bridge Links
When you think of poker, your mind may draw up an image of gamblers gathered around a crowded table with an overhanging cloud of smoke in someone’s basement. In more recent times, you may think of poker as less of an actual card game and more an application on a smartphone or tablet – either way, the same rules still apply.

What is a bookie bonus and why?

What is a Bookie Bonus at online casino - Great Bridge Links
If you are a beginner at online betting, then you have probably seen offers for bonuses. Almost every betting site has them – and for good reason. Bonuses are not only offered by sports betting sites, mind you – they are also offered by casino sites, bingo sites, poker sites, and a lot more.

Studies show how this can make you smarter and more mindful

Card Games are Good for your mental health - Great Bridge Links
Bridge is always an exciting game to play with friends or relatives. Whether you’re playing the game online or spending the night to get a few rounds in, the game is a great way to blow off steam while having fun at the same time. And Bridge is not the only card game that has these effects.

Bridging the Social Canyon

Bridge - a social game - Great Bridge Links
Bridge has a lengthy, multi-layered history, but the version we play today evolved from the game whist. In whist, actual gameplay was almost identical, but there was no betting beforehand, and thus no trump suit. In addition, the scoring was vastly simplified.