Online Gambling … For Free?!

Online Gambling … For Free?!

By Alex J. Coyne © 2018 Great Bridge Links

You might have noticed by now that many online casinos have the option to deposit money and start playing for cash – or to play for free. There are many reasons that makes trying out a casinos online gambling alternatives out for free worthwhile – even if you just want to practice your game.

How does it work

A very common way to play for free is to take advantage of promotional codes deals such as the SunBets Promotion Code . Most online casinos have a ‘promotions’ button where you can find these codes, also referred to as a ‘new player bonus’. Available to newcomers, you type in the code and are given a certain amount of money in your account. This is usually somewhere between $50 and $150. There are also ‘new play bonus’ offerings on many casinos – sometimes thousands of dollars. Typically these bonus offerings won’t be for games like poker, but for slots and roulette. Some casinos offer ‘demo play’ when you roll over the game button. And a word of warning – be aware the object of this ‘free money’ or ‘free spins’ is to get you to start your account with the casino.

Another way to play, and practice, for free is to visit sites that offer immediate free play such as the Governor of Poker and 24/7 Free. Zynga Poker  and WSOP are apps and allow you to play against real people as well as robots. And for those of you who want to try online slots, google ‘free online slots’ for a lineup of free slots play that does not require registration.

Of course, if you’re looking to play free bridge, there are many sites now online where you can do this. We’ve just updated our Play Online page or our Contract Bridge Apps page to get started playing against people or robots.

Paid Versus Free on Online Casino Sites

The first thing you might be wondering is: What’s the draw here? People gamble for money, and taking money out of the equation might make you wonder what the point is. If you’re choosing a casino’s “free” offerings, it gives you a great chance to test out the casino and get used to the format and layout. This way, you can decide if a paid casino is really worth your money. After your free gambling experience on their site, you should have a better idea for the feel – and whether you’d like to stick around for a longer stay. You can look at it as a trial run.

Testing, Testing…

Let’s say that you just deposit a few hundred dollars into an online casino – and then suddenly find out that your computer isn’t compatible with the website and it keeps on crashing every time you get to slots. You can contact the casino to get your money back, but this is going to take some time – and you could have saved all of that time if you just tested the casino beforehand. Using the “free” section of the casino, you’ll know if everything works the way it should before you make your deposit.

Growing Your Skills

Apart from letting you test the site and online casino setup, gambling online for free also allows you to test your skills. The only way you’re going to get any better at playing poker, blackjack, bridge or any other game in the casino’s arsenal will be by practicing your game. You can learn as much as you want from books, it won’t mean jack if you aren’t using the knowledge to play a real game once in a while! And, while you’re still learning, it’s obvious that you might not want to jump into it with your life savings – there, you get to try a lot of online options that allow you to play online, pretty much with no risk whatsoever.

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