What is a Bridge Tally?

Links last updated July 2018

Tallys may be the answer to ‘how to run’ your holiday bridge games. Upon request, Gayle Harmon of Tally Ho has submitted this explanation for Great Bridge Links.

What Is A “Tally Ho Laminated Bridge Tally”?
by Gayle Harmon

Tallys are designed for Bridge Players who play progressive bridge with two or more tables.

At Tally Ho we have Bridge Tallies for individual play – up to 8 tables (32 players) and couples’ play – up to 6 tables (24 players).

Each Tally is specific to an individual or couple who is playing as Player or Couple #1, or #2, or #3 ö etc. The Tally clearly shows the Player (or couple) with whom they will be playing in each round and at what Table #. The rotations are shown in LARGE TYPE, which makes it very easy to read.

Our “Tally Ho Tallies” are laminated so they will last a very long time and are impervious to spills and greasy fingers.

Each Tally comes with a pad of 10 Tally Sheets – which are refillable. Each Tally Set comes with the appropriate number of Score Pads (1 for each table), with 20 sheets in each Pad ö which are refillable.

For more information, navigate to the “Tally Ho Website

Bridge Tally from Tally Ho