Bridge software and apps help you learn to play bridge or perfect your game. This page lists links for non-commercial contract bridge software, freeware and shareware.

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We list bridge software links and news in order of receipt. We like to leave the links in place for years as a kind of archive for digital archeologists and historians. Every now and then we’ll sweep, deleting links that no longer work. Last link check July 2016. 

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Ourgame ChinaComputer World Championships – in its 20th year!

This year’s World Championships will be taking place in Poland in September. It is sponsored by Ourgame, a leading online card and board game developer and operator in China. Computer World Championships Official Website

At the NABCs in Chicago last summer, the computer program Jack won its 10th World Championship, winning over Wbridge5 in the final. Eight programs entered the event, with Wbridge5, Jack, MicroBridge and Q-Plus Bridge placing top in the round robin and moving into the semi-finals. Click here to view Jack website. Or read article in Daily Bulletin, click here.


Computers That Gamble and Imagine – article by Alan Truscott, NY Times. Click here >

Bridge Software Discussion & Reviews

For some reason finding bridge software on the internet is not easy – very few sites sell bridge software and those that do only seem to sell one or two of the top programs. This page hosted by the Onslow Bridge Club includes info on various programs.

Tips for choosing a bridge program from Karen Walker click here

In Depth Review of Educational Bridge Software :: We have just completed an in-depth review of educational bridge software, which follows up last year’s Review of Playing Software.Click here for PDF. Best regards Pietro Campanile Bridge – The magazine of the Israeli Bridge Federation

Bridge Software Reviews – if you’d like to send us a review of bridge software we’ll start a section just for reviews.

Bridge Software, Shareware, News

BridgeMate: Wireless Scoring Solutions for Bridge. Bridgemate scoring system.

DEEP FINESSE One of the greatest tools ever invented to analyze bridge hands is a software program known as Deep Finesse. Once a deal is entered into the program, you can find out what declarer lines work and what the best defense is. All the deals in each set of hand records have gone through Deep Finesse. The program is very practical – it analyzes according to the cards as they are dealt, not according to what might have been. The contracts listed on the hand records are those that can be made with correct play against correct defense as the cards lie. Want to see how it works?

5/24/2014 – Deep Finesse 2014 v2 is now available. This version is 100% free with no unlock-codes or serial numbers. Deep Finesse now reports plays that make over and under tricks and shows which cards have irrelevant ranks. Download Now.

The ACBL’s Bridge Bulletin dubs Deep Finesse “Double-Dummy Dynamite.”  See the full review by clicking here .
Previous and new users can upgrade to Deep Finesse 2014 v2 for free. Just download and install by clicking above and new features will automatically be enabled.

August 2011:: Bridge Calculator is freeware program that solves problems in the Bridge card game. It quickly solves the double dummy problem, has both graphical and console-based multiple languages user interfaces. It can imports deals from files in many formats, like PBN, BBO .lin files and files generated by the KoPS program.Best regards, Piotr Beling

BRIDGEPRO for Mac OSX 10.5+: After ten years, BridgePro™ has developed a major upgrade for its Macintosh OS X users. We invite you to try version 3.1.2. The ACBL Bridge Bulletin’s editor, Paul Linxwiler said of our interface that it is: “a clean, simple graphical presentation.” That has been further improved. More features and menu items have been added to make an exceptional user-friendly environment. Card play and bidding algorithms have been tweaked. Any questions write: (Aug 2011)

December 2011 :: Board Generator. I have made a board generator that saves 35 hands per page down to PDF, perfect for Bidding Practice. Software runs in the browser built on Microsoft Silverlight. URL: Thanks, Stefan Ekman

August 2011:: Bridge Calculator is freeware program that solves problems in the Bridge card game. It quickly solves the double dummy problem, has both graphical and console-based multiple languages user interfaces. It can imports deals from files in many formats, like PBN, BBO .lin files and files generated by the KoPS program.Best regards, Piotr Beling

October 2010 : Bridge Mats . The BridgeMats program will produce duplicate bridge guide cards (table mats) from an ACBLscore movement file.
The output is a PostScript file that may be viewed, printed, or converted to PDF with GhostScript.

October 2010 : RoboBridge is computer bridge software that simulates three human bridge players. It allows you to play some boards whenever you have time. The robots provide a very high level of play, so you will be trained to always play your best bridge.

January 2010 :: Gnubridge – Gnubridge is a simple and free bridge program. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Gnubridge was first released in 2008, and is continually improved with new features added monthly. GNU Open Source License. Paul Slusarz Gnubridge author

January 2010 :: Compensation Table is method to play duplicate bridge with only 4-players. It takes deal attributes such as high-card points, vulnerability, suit fits into account and returns an expected result for the deal. The Table is generated with computer and is based on tens of thousands of deals from world-class events. Compensation Table is already somewhat popular in Estonia.
More information and also nice score calculator can be found at: Tanel Teinemaa

December 2009 :: BRIDGE PRO: V3.1 – After almost ten years, BridgePro has developed its second major upgrade. If you own version 1, 2 ,3.0 or simply had tried the demo version, we invite you to try version 3.1. The ACBL Bridge Bulletin’s editor, Paul Linxwiler said: “If you enjoy playing solo bridge with computer opponents and partners, BridgePro makes a nice, inexpensive choice.” Version 3.1 is now Windows 7 compatible. Major changes in the graphic routines will allow play on any screen resolution. Many user-friendly menu choices have been added and card play and bidding algorithms have been tweaked. Any questions write:

August 2009 :: BridgeComposer allows entry and display of bridge hands in PBN file format; formats lesson handouts for bridge teachers; has a full-screen mode; formats web pages and emails; saves records of hands; deals random hands; has a double-dummy solver; interfaces with ACBLScore, Bridgemate and BridgePad; and more. Reasonably priced, free 30-day trial.

May 2009 :: Bridge Software for Linux (with free trial download) and Windows Mobile: Chris Burkinshaw, Bibase Software

January 2009 :: Free Movement Software. See Jeanie – the movement wizard at and my blog at

July 2007 – Bidding Quest – bridge practice software in three platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux

February 2007 :: Bridge Squeezes Complete:  This interactive software adaptation of Clyde E Loves classic text allows you to play all 129 exercises and 59 problems before proceeding with Love’s analysis. The average player will find a wealth of information on planning and executing end plays, while even the expert can use it for polishing his technique. Free evaluation download offers the first 14 exercises.

December 2006 :: Quick Bridge – Free bridge game for windows. Came across your website while surfing for Bridge related info. Thought you might be interested in including my free Bridge game in your listings. Thanks [wes]Wesley Steiner

December 2006 :: 1.3 of BbnOrganiser. This program enables you to organise your personal bridge bidding system. The program, documentation, etc can be found at The main improvements in version 1.3 concern bug fixes. Best regards, Tis Veugen

May 2006 :: Bridge Deals Generator. I have developed a bridge deals generator: unlike most of those currently available it features a graphical user interface for selecting cards. A full featured trial version can be downloaded from my site. My site also has a page of specific bridge probability calculations on line. Thanking you, best regards, Andrew Bertallot

April 2006 :: Bridge Scoring Software from Jeff Smith. Free modern bridge scoring software.