Puzzling Encounters

Bridge for your coffee break …

Bridge Players love puzzles! Crosswords, jigsaws, word play, logic problems …. and the ultimate puzzle, the game of bridge itself. On this page you will find links to bridge quizzes, puzzles, contests and whatever else I can find that fits into the category of “Puzzling Encounters” for bridge players.

Bridge Columns

Frank Stewart’s Daily Bridge Column – http://www.baronbarclay.com/category/bridge-column

Daily Problems from Ron Klinger – http://www.ronklingerbridge.com/

Daily Hands from Mike Lawrence – http://www.bridgeclues.com/

Bobby Wolf Syndicated Bridge Columnhttp://aces.bridgeblogging.com/

Bridge Articles

Bridge Winners  –  http://bridgewinners.com/

Bridge Articles from Trumps – Sydney’s Top Teaching Club – http://www.trumps.net.au/

Articles from Larry Cohenhttps://www.larryco.com/bridge-learning-center

Bridge Articles with David Huggett – A selection of hands from our Thursday club which I think are interesting. Please add your comments at the end of any post. – http://southamptonbridgeclub.blogspot.co.uk/

Inside Bridge – http://www.insidebridge.ca/

Bridge Puzzles

Puzzles and more from the Bridge Worldhttp://www.bridgeworld.com

Quizzes from Larry Cohenhttps://www.larryco.com/bridge-quiz

Double Dummy Cornerhttp://www.doubledummy.net/

Polls and Contests – From 2000 to 2007 Richard Pavlicek conducted a monthly bidding poll or play contest with participants from over 90 countries. All 82 events are archived here chronologically within types. There is a lot to improve your game, and you should enjoy the humorous themes. Try each “Challenge” before reading the analyses. – http://www.rpbridge.net/rppc.htm

Bridge Jumble Word Puzzle – http://www.mindracer.com/jumble4j.htm

Quizzes from Marty Bergenhttp://www.martybergen.com/downloads.html

Puzzles from Bridge Clues – http://www.bridgeclues.com/


Counting Games from Bridge Winners