Fruit machines attract bridge players

NABC Reno March 2016

All you need to know about playing the slots

Every year there are bridge tournaments hosted in casino cities. The 2015 Winter NABCs were held in Reno, and indeed Reno holds a very popular regional every year over New Years, but there are also tournaments in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Connecticut to name a few. And the hundreds of bridge players who attend these tournaments of course enjoy the many offerings of a casinos and that includes the slot machines.


These pencils could make you sharper, calmer and more focused

Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies

The benefits of Doodling

by Sky Goodwin

In high school and college I doodled all over my books, my papers and anything else I could get my hands on. There’s still crosshatching, bubbles and faces all over most random pieces of paper in my house. I spend most of my doodling time while on the phone, probably having learned to doodle from watching my mom, an artist who doodled entire cities if she was on a longer call.