There are (more) apps for that!

There are (more) apps for that!

by Alex J. Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links

Last link update Feb 2018 

Bridge has entered the technological era, and most of us have at least one app for playing bridge on our smartphones – right? We’ve covered apps for contract bridge before, but it turns out there are way too many for just one list! Before checking out this list, you can read the first one on Great Bridge Link’s Apps page 

Bidding, Scoring and Keeping Track


Bridge Bidding Coach is your own personal bidding teacher, and is designed to help you through learning the bidding process. The best thing about it, it doesn’t mind too much if you screw up, and it’s great for any bridge beginners.


Bridge Scoring is a simple, under 2MB app that’ll help you keep track. Make sure you download the latest version – it allows you to add names to players, and keep track of an unlimited number of scoreboards.


BridgeCarlos is another app set up to help you find your way around bidding. More information on the app can be found on the developer’s website, who is on a constant mission to improve the working of BridgeCarlos.


Bridge Diary happens to be good enough to have made both lists, and you can use this to keep track of all your hands. Entered hands are saved and categorized, and you get to go through them again later – why was it a great hand? Why not?

Learning the Game


iBridgePlus allows you to learn as you play – there’s a lot of helpful hints that’ll pop up as you’re playing. You can find its Android equivalent available for download over here… (not currently available)


Bridge Baron Teacher is only available for Apple, but is one of the best teaching-based apps you’ll find out there: Pretty much everything you need to know about the game will appear on-screen, and you only have to worry about your game.


Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge is set up specifically to teach: Whether you’re new, intermediate or advanced, you should be able to improve your game considerably with Better Bridge. 


FunBridge is a little more than your average bridge app, and it explains the game simply enough that you can download it for anyone you want to turn onto the game for a first round or two of cards.


Still learning? Contract Bridge (not currently available) takes you through the game step-by-step, and there are more than 300 video lessons available to teach you more about the game. (Though, be warned: Apparently not all of the lessons are in English, according to some of the reviews!)



Have you ever needed someone to draw a card but didn’t have your deck on hand? Of course there’s an app for that, too! Use this virtual deck for when you need a quick card – heads or tails, aces or spades?

CARD COUNTER (not currently available)

Card counting is a skill you’re bound to encounter playing the tables, and here’s an app that helps you practice – just don’t plan on taking that skill to a casino anytime soon!


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