Find the best casino promotions with these Slots and symbols!

Find the best casino promotions with these Slots and symbols!

The only way to find the best casino promotions is to shop around and have a look at the different sites that are available. Most casino sites will have their best promotional offers for their new customers, to entice you in to play their games over anywhere else’s. Regardless of where you play there will be a great collection of games, especially when it comes to Slots! And if that sounds like something that excites you, then keep reading, as we delve into some of the best Slots around!

The Pantry Plunder Slot game is perfect for any food lover, as it is set in a bustling farmhouse kitchen, with several delicious symbols to land! Join this gang of cheeky and hungry mice, as they dart across the reels and try to steal a bite without getting caught. Playtech presents this scene over five reels, with 20 pay-lines to win on, and up to 1,121x your original wager!

The most enticing part of this game is undoubtedly its symbols. As you enter the game you should make sure to look out for the following:

  • A block of cheese that turns into a wild symbol, but only when it lands next to a mouse on the screen.
  • The bonus symbol is represented by a knife, signifying that you have been rumbled by the farmer’s wife, and transporting you to a separate bonus game.
  • A wooden kitchen mallet will also signify a bonus round is on the horizon, transporting you to the fast-paced whack-a-mouse game.
  • The final bonus round is the big cheese trail bonus feature, triggered by the mousetrap symbol.
  • Roll in the juicy glazed ham symbols and you could be awarded a maximum total of 500 coins!
  • Find the jars of rosy jam and you could end up earning as much as 25x your original bet.
  • Lastly, the playing card symbols, that are fashioned out of dough, will provide you with wins that can equal up to 150x your initial wager. 

Now let’s switch up your gameplay and try something a little bit different with the Tiger Turtle Dragon Phoenix Slot adventure. In this game you will be tasked with taking on four of the most ferocious creatures from Chinese mythology. Along with all that, you will find five reels and 243 ways to win, with action-packed graphics wherever you turn! There are four progressive jackpots to get involved with in this game, with a maximum win combination of 3,645x your initial bet!

Much like the previous game, the symbols are what really makes this game pop. See why below:

  • There are multiple wild symbols involved in this game. The basic wild is a collection of Chinese symbols that will appear across any of the middle three reels.
  • The other additional wilds, that add excitement. These are the Chinese symbols with “2x” or “3x” across them. However, they will only appear on the bonus games. Any of the wilds will replace the other symbols on the board, apart from the scatter, to maximise your wins!
  • The scatter symbol in question is a gold coin icon, which adds free spins to your gameplay.
  • The gold shield is not officially a symbol, but it adds a little sparkle to the main symbols on the reels. It appears behind other icons in order to trigger a shot at the jackpot.
  • The dragon icon will deliver you the maximum total of 100 coins when you manage to land them on the reels.
  • Collect five tigers in your game to achieve a whopping 48x your original wager.
  • The fiery phoenix spices up your spins with a prize of 32 coins.
  • Finally, get yourself a group of turtles and 24x your initial bet will be yours!

Armed with your new gaming knowledge, you are now ready to tackle the world of Slots, and find your own fun casino promotions!