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Winter 2019: The Bridge Channel with Bridge Videos. A cool new site that curates bridge videos from around the world and down through time.

Winter 2019: New Tricks Bridge offers in-depth tutorials, and the New Tricks Tournament Series, featuring eight of the world’s best bridge players, battling it out for individual glory. This exciting new website and program is providing a new source for online bridge resources for beginners and experienced players – in video format. We’ve interviewed one of the founders Sue Johnson – read article here ->

Winter 2019: Computer Bridge by Björn Hjalmarsson. This is a cool new site that focusses on computerized bridge – the software, the robots, the online places to play. The GUI of the site is a bit spare so make sure to hover over the menu in order to find the good stuff.

Fall & Winter 2019: Try Bridge – a website to help connect players and teachers and blog about the importance of bridge with an emphasis on entertainment, community and brain fitness.An  initiative of The ACBL Educational Foundation and American Contract Bridge League.

Fall & Winter 2019: Synrey Bridge – play against robots in various challenges. This is a Chinese app recently ported over to English. Currently there are limited play options but developers promise clubs and teaching opportunitites in the future. For more information read our Nov 2019 interview with developers here –>

Fall & Winter 2019: Will-Bridge – play bridge online against a world champion computer.

Summer 2019: The Kids Table – A new documentary from Beyond the Porch Productions and the ACBL Educational Foundation that follows four young friends as they navigate the highs and lows of competitive bridge

Summer 2019: A.L.Fleming Bridge Shop – Bridge equipment and stationery in the UK.

Summer 2019: Improve Bridge – ImproveBridge provides detailed information on bridge conventions, systems, and playing techniques. Set up like a blog, it’s a pleasing an enjoyable read for players of all levels with articles by author James Evans.

Summer 2019: BridgeLife organises holidays, festivals and develops software all focused on the fascinating game of Bridge.

Summer 2019: Bridge Cloud – The BridgeCloud platform aims to give every bridge club a place on the Internet where you can build a complete picture of your club’s activities and help you in the communication with your players.

Summer 2019: Best of Solitaire –  Free online solitaire and solitaire strategy.

Spring 2019: The Chess Portal – with some bridge content. A comprehensive site of interest to chess players, Available in Swedish, English, Dutch, Spanish, and French

Spring 2019: Some new links for Club Owners & Managers. To see a page of links to softward, products and more view our Bridge Clubs Page.

RSVP Bridge – RSVP Bridge solves two common bridge group headaches: who’s coming, and keeping score. Robust event signup tools keep track of who’s coming, who needs a partner, who can sub, for events months in advance. Signup tools are designed for party, duplicate, and casual bridge games. Elegant, easy-to-use duplicate scoring tools provide real-time updates to all logged-in members. Watch your personal scoresheet update as scores are entered. At the end of the game, results are available instantly.

BridgeCloud – The BridgeCloud platform aims to give every bridge club a place on the Internet where you can build a complete picture of your club’s activities and help you in the communication with your players.

Spring 2019: – the new website for bridge teachers from Master Point Press. Newsletter, articles, books & resources.

Spring 2019: Joan Butts Bridge – this is an excellent example of what can be done with an online learn-to-play-bridge website – for both students and teachers. Teach Bridge With Joan Butts

Sprint 2019: Playing Cards Wallet – PVC Vinyl wallet with pockets for decorative card inserts.

Spring 2019: Ned Plays Bridge – Ned Paul made the trip from London, England, to check off an item long on his bucket list: attending an NABC. To chronicle his adventure, Paul is blogging at

Spring 2019: The World of Playing Cards – love this site! The World of Playing Cards is a living encyclopaedia of the history and visual art of playing cards. Their mission is to make a contribution to the public awareness and appreciation of this fascinating and ancient subject that encompasses so much of social involvement, play, history and art.

Spring 2019: Bridge Authors and Their Books – the Pattaya Bridge Club in Thailand has a great listing for you

Spring 2019: Bridge Creations – not a new site but one we’ve just recently discovered. Enjoy bridge products and gift items from South Africa.

New Year 2019: BridgeScanner™ – is advertised as an easy to use and powerful platform, to create and manage, promote and optimise Bridge events around the World. So far available in English, Polish and Russian. We had our journalist Alex Coyne connect with BridgeScanner and you can read his interview here.

New Year 2019: Bridge Gear – this isn’t a new site but we hadn’t come across it before. With the byline of Welcome to book heaven, Paul Lavings presents an online used bridge book store. And it’s not just a store! There’s a wonderful museum, new books, club supplies and giftware as well. Australia.

New Year 2019: Sociology of Bridge. PhD student Kevin Judge works to help keep bridge alive and attract more players to what we know as the best card game in the world.

Winter 2018: Silicon Valley Youth Bridge. Inspiring the next generation of bridge players on the San Francisco peninsula and surrounding areas.

Winter 2018: Begin Bridge (app) – Improve beginner bridge players’ skills and teach bridge in an entertaining, and an easy way.

Winter 2018: LearnBridgeLearn to play Bridge with LearnBridge! Bridge is enjoyed by tens of millions of people around the world. Bridge is the ultimate trick-taking game, similar to Hearts, Spades, or Euchre, but with deeper and more rewarding strategy.

Winter 2018: WizBridge+ –  The new ‘Bridge’ game which will enthral and enthuse the complete novice, while pushing the Grand Master to the limits of their ability. WiZBridge+ is loosely based on Mini Bridge, which is an established teaching variant of Bridge.

Winter 2018: Bridge DoodleWhether you are just learning bridge or you want to perfect your game, the world’s only Bridge Doddle flash card system is your ideal companion. Answer the question on the front of the card, turn it over and compare your answer.

Winter 2018: Bridge Magic – Bridgemagic is a unique and exclusive bridge site featuring hand histories, conventions and tips for bridge players of all levels.

Fall 2018: LoveBridge – Tablet system for playing a bridge game. Handles the cards, the bids and the score. Introduced at the 2018 World Bridge Series. Read our interview with LoveBridge here –>

Fall 2018: NukkAI – Bridging the Gap. Building Next Generation AI : 𝝂Bridge. The game of bridge is the next milestone for AI : We are working hard on this fascinating challenge.

Fall 2018: Your Playing Cards .com – customize your next deck of playing cards in real time. Note: Best if you live in the USA

Fall 2018: The 15th World Series of Bridge – Great Bridge Links Jump Page. Find links, news items, interesting articles and more.

Fall 2018: Bridge Symphony –  Bridge Symphony offers you thousands of bidding options from 104 cards with 26 simulated data respecting the distributional probabilities which you can develop at leisure according to your educational objectives or your personal level. Cool learning and teaching tool. In French – open with Chrome to translate

July 2018: aaBridge   –   version 4.0. A free play & study program. This edition of aaBridge includes active presentations of over   1,750 commented deals from the HondoBridge website and many other bridge tutorials by other authors. Install on a PC or Mac. [Software. Play. Learn. Free]

June 2018: The Table Talk Bridge Cartoon Online Store. Jude Goodwin’s bridge cartoons have been well known throughout the bridge world since their first appearance in the 1980s. This month they are being uploaded to an online store for use in print and web media. The complete collection should be available by the end of the month. Click here to enjoy –>

June 2018: New Bridge Club Manager and Teacher forum on Bridge Winners – Are you a bridge club manager or bridge teacher who’s interested in growing your business? Would you be interested in sharing best approaches, opportunities, threats, and important knowledge with your peers around the world? Want to ask a forum of your peers key questions about the business of clubs and classes? Here’s your chance. Bridge Winners has created a private forum for club managers and teachers. While anyone can read the content, only forum members will be able to post content.

May 2018: Bid72. The brand new bridge app to practice your bidding and work on your partnership. Coming soon! Click here for more ->

May 2018: Bridge in A Box™ by Patty Tucker.  Contains playing cards, player workbooks, a table mat, a quick start option and access code for four people to a video tutorial and an app. Learn bridge at your convenience, the way you prefer to learn, and at your own pace in your home. Patty and her project can be found on Kickstarter and she hopes to release the product at the NABC in Atlanta. You can find Patty’s website here and her Kickstarter here.

Spring 2018: Kida – Double Dummy app for Kids (and Adults) to learn card play. Level 1 is designed for an absolute beginner.Levels 5 and 6 will be suitable for the intermediate player. There are 52 puzzles in each of the 6 levels. Its a hand holding app – so starts very very slowly – BUT one can start at ANY level.3 puzzles are unlocked in each level, but when each get solved successfully, the next one gets unlocked, and so on. Click here to travel to their website and download.

Spring 2018: Trump Suit Bridge – Bridge supplies and more from China. Trump Suit Bridge has a factory where they manufacture many of their products including bid boxes, cards, boards, bid trays and table screens. They also offer customized products for your tournament or club.

Spring 2018: Bridge Finesse Photo Search. Looking for a photo of your bridge partner or someone you know who plays bridge? This amazing link will find it for you! Be sure to give photo credit to photographer and if you’re planning on using the photo you’ll need to ask for permission.

Spring 2018: Adventures in Bridge. Learning and teaching site founded by Robert Todd, a professional bridge player and teacher from Tallahassee, Florida. Robert and the rest of the AiB team have worked hard to develop their individual and group teaching skills. This team approach to teaching and developing students has led to many innovative approaches to bridge teaching! The website features This Week in Bridge (TWIB) a series of bridge lessons currently at number 227. The archives are available as well.

Winter 2018: The Setting Trick. Podcasts by John McAllister.  This first podcast is intended for serious bridge players. We talk about hands, the psychology of the game, the next step for Bridge Winners, great plays, etc. and can be obtained on iTunes here

Winter 2018: Blue Starships – The Blue Starships mission is to to provide handy easy to use bridge applications for mobile devices. Currently they offer FREE Google Play Apps including Bridge Score Calculator, Bridge Bidding Box, and Bridge Diary.

Winter 2018:  A lot of information and articles about bridge (in Spanish). From Roberto Vigil.

Mahatma Gandhi practiced bridge for much of his life. He even used it to explain his beliefs. He said that  kharma (predetermined destiny) is the hand that is received at the table. Dharma (action of man) is the way one plays it. We are not subject to any certain fate because we have the ability to play the hand, and we can do it right or wrong.

Winter 2017: Enjoy – Enhance your bridge declarer play

Fall 2017: Bridge World Links Page – this isn’t a new page but newly discovered and a great resource. What you don’t find on GBL you may find on the Bridge World website.

Summer 2017: Online Youth Bridge Magazine – the World Bridge Federation has launched this great new online bridge magazine for youth which features videos, stories, quizzes and more.

Summer 2017: ProBridge –  a national bridge agency whose goal is to connect bridge enthusiasts with the professionals. Whether you are looking for a bridge teacher or a professional partner ProBridge will create the most efficient relationship for you.

Summer 2017 : – Bridge website and playing guide for online bridge and games.

Spring/Summer 2017 : Cuebid’s Club page will help you find clubs around the world

Spring/Summer 2017: B.I.L. Bridge – The Online Bridge Library for Beginner and  Intermediate Bridge Players.

Fall/Winter 2016 : Contract Bridge Lessons  A complete bridge course from Michael Furstner with 13 lessons for beginners and another 10+ covering intermediate and advanced. Lots of excellent material here!

Fall/Winter 2016: The Card Caddy! The ONLY playing card case which converts to a discard tray so you can play any game of cards anywhere, anytime.

Summer 2016: Info Bridge – Bridge for all the world. Based in Italy, this site promises Biographies, history, convention, deals, quiz and more.

Summer 2016: Thinking of a Bridge Cruise? Friends of Bridge Cruises – Bridge is our game, but fun is our passion!