BIG DEAL The dealing program Big Deal was used to generate all hands for the Olympiad in Maastricht, and might well become the standard dealing program for the WBF.

Dealmaster Pro™ has an unsurpassed array of powerful functions for Teachers, Clubs, and Players. The best deal generator. Hand records with makable contracts. Design your own travelers. Endorsed by the ACBL.  Works with Dealer 4, Duplimate and all dealing machines. Find out more at

DEAL 3.1 – by Thomas Andrews. Deal is now up to version 3.1, and can be accessed at The latest release includes a built-in double dummy solver written by Bo Haglund.

Have fun with this neat little Bridge Hand Dealer from Jean- Luc Garneau. Note: I can only get it working in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Duplimate Card Dealing Machines and other club utilities can be found on Electronic Bridge Supplies


Bridge Calculators by Richard Pavlicek
Bridge Hand Evaluator
Bridge Hand Calculator
Suit Break Calculator
Dual Suit Break Calculator
Personal Deal Creator
Bridge Score Calculator
Contract and Result Finder

BACKAS FREE BRIDGE FILE CONVERTER UPDATED – it now reads OK-bridge files of .rec type in addition to the earleier supported file types. Reading of PBN has been improved it now should read %Import type of .PBN files correctly (previously only %export format). Click Here for HOMEPAGE . Kaj G Backas.

POST SCRIPT BRIDGE HAND Print those World Championship hands! – from Masakatsu Sugino- a Windows program that prints out bridge hand records in a graphical way from PBN (Potable Bridge Notation) format data files. The program is able to read and write PBN files. The double dummy analysis is performed with Gib’s engine. The graphical presentation is stored in a PostScript file, that can be manipulated with a PostScript viewer.

PBN (not currently available) – PBN stand for Portable Bridge Notation. PBN is a proposal for saving bridge deals from competitions or game programs in a universal and platform independent file system. PBN is a universal notation for bridge games. It has been developed to read and write bridge games in PBN files by any bridge program on any platform. There are several bridge programs that have implemented the PBN format. (I’m very glad that GIB has adopted PBN.) The PBN standard and additional information can be found on the PBN homepage A new version of the PBN Verifier, that has been written in JAVA. I hope this eases the verification of PBN files on any platform, and the generation of PBN files in export format for all platforms. More details can be found in the file inside the archives on the PBN homepage. – Tis Veugen