Play Contract Bridge Online

At an online duplicate or contract bridge club, individuals are able to play bridge against others from around the world. Usually the rooms are open 24/7, with bridge players of all levels and experience enjoying each other’s company over a game of cards. On this page you will find links to online contract bridge clubs, play online bridge apps, and the latest links to online bridge play services and sites.

Most online bridge clubs now use a browser-based, or App-based, interface for online play. This is great because it does not require users to download software. You can play at the library, or in an internet cafe. And at home you don’t need to worry about updates and viruses. A popular term for this kind of functionality is ‘in the cloud’. You can easily play bridge ‘in the cloud’.

The tabs below will show you a list of Online Bridge Clubs and a list of Bridge Apps that allow you to play bridge online with your device.

ACBL Online Bridge Clubs

Meet new players or play with your favorite partner from the comfort of your own home virtually any time day or night. Fees vary by site. Certified directors run all games. Sites also offer features such as lessons, free social rooms, partnerships and more. Most games are a quick 12 boards. About 40,000 tables of ACBL-sanctioned games are in play monthly.

Bridge Base Online – largest bridge club online. See also bridge apps. Large community. Lessons. Tournaments. and Vugraph.

OKbridge (site not currently available)– the original online bridge club and still one of the largest and most popular. OKBridge was online before the web!

Swan Games – one of three online clubs where you can win ACBL masterpoints.

Other Online Bridge Clubs

Bridge 4 Free – a promotional site for BridgeClubLive – uses the same style of software for both.

n>Bridge Big (not currently available)Bridgehit – Fast anonymous play (individual tournaments) No cheating, no talking – pure play! System matching feature. Praise/Warn feature. Significant prize money!

Bridge Club LIVE! – In operation over 17 years, Bridge Club Live is where the rest of the world plays bridge.

Funbridge (English, French) – plays on all devices. See also bridge apps.

No Fear Bridge – ACOL site packed with online learning activities for bridge beginners, improvers and advancers.

StepBridge  (Australia) Free – the only Australian based internet bridgeclub.

StepBridge (Nederlands)

The Bridge Doctor – online bridge club for beginners. ACOL or Standard American

Play Online Bridge Apps

BRIDGEPRO for Android Devices: BridgePro™ has developed an Android compatible app. We invite you to try version 3.1.7..x. Our game has been constantly upgraded over the last twenty years. Our new graphic user interface is simple, easy to use and compatible with Android phones and tablets. A free demo is available. Any questions write: (Mar 2015)

Bridge Club Live launched its BridgePlayer App in August 2013 and has an Android version about to release in early 2014. The same App allows online play at all its growing number of bridge servers, including Look out for ‘BridgePlayer’ in the various App stores

Bridge Base Online has been working hard on their App and it works very well. You can play against robots, with friends, or sit in on quick 6-8 board tournaments! Lots of fun and virtually no glitches.

Bridge Island– play bridge online on your iPhone. Duplicate IMP scoring, rating systems, excellent graphics. Editors review: This looks like so much fun! Just needs people …

iBridge Baron. Based on the best-selling computer bridge game. Over 2 billion deals. Tournaments from ACBL, Cavendish and ABF. Also an excellent online play option.

FunBridge – plays on all devices

Online Bridge Listings & Links

Last updated December 2017

Bridge Base Online Community

BBO Skill Check your skill and rating on Bridge Base Online

BBO Friends : Gateway access to companion sites of Bridge Base Online. Clubs, tournaments, TD section and How To.

Learn Bridge Online

Best E Bridge. Website dedicated to learning and practicing bridge for all levels. The user can watch over 100 impressive, illustrated visual bridge lessons , practice thousands of bidding, hand play and defense exercises, by using the guided option or by playing freely against a smart robot.  A personal traffic light chaperon will accompany the user throughout, giving immediate notice of a false move with the opportunity to revise the strategy. Each exercise is accompanied by clear and simple written explanations – it’s really the easiest way to learn and practice simultaneously and there is no other site like this  one. Kate Hudson

VuBridge – free, internet based Autobridge revival! Review and play hands from championships, authors and teachers can prepare hands, create hands, review hands, also has a vugraph “instant search” facility to retrieve, play and review Championship boards

Facebook Applications

Leonardo Bridge is a Facebook application, which allows bridge players with a Facebook profile to play for free, online bridge. Easy-to-use, straight forward interface, nice graphics and the advantage of playing with real people. In Leonardo Bridge you can schedule to play bridge with your friends at your convenience, or jump-in to an available seat, in existing tables. You can find new friends that share the same interest with you. Furthermore, you can socialize and have fun online through chat, while playing.  Leonardo Bridge was launched in March 2015.

Other Links

French Online Bridge Club – CanalBridge This just came into our in-box today!  CanalBridge est un club de Bridge virtuel francophone gratuit qui permet à ses membres de jouer au Bridge entre eux de chez eux ou d’ailleurs sur Internet.

 Sky Bridge Club – your friendly online bridge club.

The Bridge Guys – this is a fantastic site with many links and lots of information about bridge on the net. Click here to browse through their Bridge Guys Online Bridge listings

Play bridge on Facebook! Ultimate Bridge – we haven’t tried this game yet but if you do, send me your Reviews.

Ultimate Bridge is now available for Android Click Here >

Will-Bridge App Collection (Windows only) presents 5 titles, something for all level of players.

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NZ online casinos examine and look for the highest paying card games websites.


Bridge Club Live continues it’s fight against online cheating and provides one of the safest and highly secure online bridge sites in this respect by using a dedicated expert to monitor hands that look unusual, in addition to tracking changes in performance that are out of line with abilities. A popular site for International players specialising in both ACOL and SAYC players of all abilities, this online site has been running for over 17 years. It has a real club atmosphere where yearly face to face reunions take place, always at a different location somewhere in Europe. 1,668,000 boards a year are played on Bridge Club Live.

MeinGames Free multiplayer Bridge. (English, Russian and German soon) – Play free online bridge against real people.

Women’s Online Bridge Club Following the great success of the WBF/BBO Online Bridge Festival held in April 2008 this year, organizers have decided not only to repeat the Festival in April 2009, but also to create a Women’s Online Bridge Club. The purpose of the Club will be to have a special website where women can get information about Women’s Bridge – both on line and in clubs, tournaments, Festivals and Championships. info

play bridge at Homo Ludens Online. A place where you can meet your bridge friends from across the globe. Invite them to a party and have fun like it used to be in the good old days. Free. No software to install, just use your browser. Play Chicago variant with Russian scoring. : Free Webmail for bridge players on the netMembers of Bridge Club Live were amongst the first to have an e-mail address identifying them as bridge players on the internet. was rolled out and tested amongst several hundreds of members. Now, after many months of trials, it  has opened out to the wider market and is a sturdy, FREE web mail product with anti virus scanning and spam filter. Click Here for more info