The World of Bridge

The world of bridge is, for the most part, governed by the World Bridge Organization. The World Bridge Federation consists of eight Zonal Organizations. Each Zonal Organization administers bridge in its own geographical area, coordinating the National Federations of its member countries.

When Great Bridge Links first launched in 1995 there was only one National Bridge Organization website online and that was the Canadian Bridge Federation. In the 20 years hence of course, hundreds and hundreds of bridge org websites have come online. To help you find what you are looking for, we’ll start with the Zones and work from there. The links below will take you to a page on the WBF website that lists organizations and countries in each zone.

Zone 1 Europe | European Bridge League

Zone 2 North America |  American Contract Bridge League | Mexico, USA, Canada

Zone 3 South America | Confederacion Sudamericana de Bridge

Zone 4 Asia | Bridge Federation of Asia & the Middle East

Zone 5 Central America | Central American & Caribbean Bridge Federation

Zone 6 Pacific Asia | Asia Pacific Bridge Federation

Zone 7 South Pacific | South Pacific Bridge Federation

Zone 8 Africa | African Bridge Federation

Also in this section, we will post new links and link updates. If you’d like to send your bridge organization update please use the Add Me form in the footer at the bottom of this page.

New Links and Updates

Fall 2015: India Bridge Federation  Note this URL is new and different from what is on the WBF website

Summer 2015:  Bulgarian Bridge Federation Official NBO site with news, upcoming tournaments and results. 

Summer 2015 : Trumps Bridge Centre – Sydney, Australia. Information on Australia’s largest privately-run club, plus holidays, books, newsletter, an outline of a “standard Australian” bidding system, and more. Please update emails to

Europe, Hungary Kibic Nonprofit Sport Club Our public sports club KIBIC, is relatively young, just like its members, whose average age is definitely the youngest as such in Hungary. The club was formed by a few friends to indulge more in their growing common passion for bridge as amateurs a few years ago. At the same time the membership started to recruit, grow fast, started to vigorously learn the game of bridge and participate on different bridge competitions. Soon the members became involved in the circulation of Hungarian bridge life. A telling fact, that at this point 20% of the ranked Hungarian bridge players belong to our club, more than 100 players, including Miklós Dumbovich (Winner of 2012 Senior Mind Sport Games).  Tournament on every Sunday from 15:45, in Kossuth Club (1088 Budapest, Múzeum u. 7)

We are Riviera Bridge Club of Belgium (City of Antwerp) and we organize two major bridge events per year: our International Bridge Championship of Antwerp, each end of April and our Antwerp Café Bridge Drive, each early September.
To date, few Englishmen have discovered our tournaments. That is why we send you this email. We would find it great if you could post our two events on your calender and if possible forward our message to all clubs in England. This could give us some publicity in the in your country, so there may be some British bridge players to sign up for a fun weekend bridge in our beautiful city of Antwerp.

Update on Austrian Bridge Club Mödlinger Bridge Sport-Club

CZECH REPUBLIC The Bridge Federation of Czech Republic has a new url

Kibic Nonprofit Sport Association – from Hungary