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The Great Bridge Links Clubroom began in 1995 as one of the only comprehensive online resources for club website links and information.

Note new club links and club information that has been changed can be found on our New Bridge Links page. And will stay there for up to 12 months. Use the Add Me form at the bottom of this page to share.


The Great Bridge Links Clubroom began in 1995 as one of the only comprehensive online resources for club website links and information. Today most of the National Bridge Organizations, as well as local organizations, have complete club listings with links to websites and accurate contact information. Our bridge club page now contains links to Club Listings, Club Manager stuff, and we’ll also feature club updates when they come in.


ACBL (Canada, USA and Mexico) – Complete listing of all clubs. Click Here >

CACBF Central American and Caribbean Bridge Federation – good list of clubs under the Members & Contacts tab. Click Here >

ABF Australian Bridge Federation. All states and territories. Cool interactive map. Click Here >

Europe. Visit the World Bridge Federation’s listing of European member countries for links. Click Here >

ABF – Bridge Clubs and Groups in the South Pacific Click Here >

Online Bridge Clubs – GBL’s comprehensive listing. Click Here >


ARE YOU ON THE MAP? Bridge Club Map. A website created by Jurgen Agten that will show ‘bricks and mortar’ bridge clubs on a map. Because everyone can contribute, Agten hopes it will become a complete list and it will stay up to date. After covid, clubs may change their playing days, so this is the perfect moment to start this project. For all the bridge players that have learned the game online, it will be a great tool to find a local club. Or just find a new club in your area or when you are on vacation.

What web software solution would you all recommend for a Bridge Club? This was the question asked by John Vega on Bridge Winners last week and there were some excellent answers! If you run a bridge club you will want to read more here –>

New Bridge Club Manager and Teacher forum on Bridge Winners – Are you a bridge club manager or bridge teacher who’s interested in growing your business? Would you be interested in sharing best approaches, opportunities, threats, and important knowledge with your peers around the world? Want to ask a forum of your peers key questions about the business of clubs and classes? Here’s your chance. Bridge Winners has created a private forum for club managers and teachers. While anyone can read the content, only forum members will be able to post content.



Bridge Club Manager.   Professional, Affordable Bridge Club Websites, Hosting and Maintenance Services. Managing your bridge club, unit or district website has never been easier!

RSVP Bridge – RSVP Bridge solves two common bridge group headaches: who’s coming, and keeping score. Robust event signup tools keep track of who’s coming, who needs a partner, who can sub, for events months in advance. Signup tools are designed for party, duplicate, and casual bridge games. Elegant, easy-to-use duplicate scoring tools provide real-time updates to all logged-in members. Watch your personal scoresheet update as scores are entered. At the end of the game, results are available instantly.

BridgeCloud – The BridgeCloud platform aims to give every bridge club a place on the Internet where you can build a complete picture of your club’s activities and help you in the communication with your players.

 PianolaSmart tools for bridge clubs and players. Pianola makes running a bridge club a cinch for managers, and gives players in-depth analysis of results. Pianola offers: Player database, Personal results history, Membership renewals, Competitions, Easy Mailing, Partner-finding service, Easy to use software, smart groups for target emailing, Website Builder, Knowledge Base and support. Free website migration. Pianolaplus+ is also available which provides In-depth bidding accuracy and card play analysis for Pianola users.

BridgeWebs – BridgeWebs provides a facility to allow a secretary, scorer and other members to jointly set up and maintain a web site for a bridge club, county association or bridge teacher. BridgeWebs is simple to set up and no knowledge of designing a web site is required. The hard work has been done for you and most aspects of a bridge web site are included as standard.  Check out their Bridge Club Technology page here ->


SCORING SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS in our Bridge Software section here →

The Bridge Mats program will produce duplicate bridge guide cards (table mats) from an ACBLscore movement file. Click Here >

BRIAN: Duplicate Scoring/Reporting Ap. The idea behind BriAn (which stands for ?Bridge on iPhone and Android?) is that so many of us now have smartphones (iPhones or Android phones), that they could be used as scoring devices, sending information over a wireless internet connection. Perfect for smaller games, clubs, or budget-conscious tournaments. Read all about it here

Bridge Buddy – Bridge supply website that provides services to ACBL Bridge Clubs.

Online Sign Up Sheets for bridge clubs and events. We provide you with a website for your weekly bridge group activities. Your website maintains a sign up sheet for your activity. All the members of your group’s website can view this sign up sheet to see the schedule of play for several weeks into the future.Each member of your group maintains their own sign up status over that period of time. Click here >


Play bridge online against live opponents from around the world! And all the time in the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day. You’ll be able to watch, take lessons, enter tournaments, attend lectures and make new friends. Most online clubs have introductory packages, and many online clubs are free. Click here to navigate to Great Bridge Links’  comprehensive Play Online section.