Great Bridge Links Free Bridge StuffThis page features links to free bridge software, shareware, freeware, trial downloads, giveaways and other cool stuff.


Tricky Bridge® is a free “how to play bridge” app for beginners on iOS and Android. It’s the perfect Learn Bridge app for new players and those returning after a break. It’s also great for experienced bridge players who enjoy casual duplicate contract bridge. Number 1 worldwide for New Games and Indie Games.

Made with support from the ACBL Educational Foundation.   Recommended by the American Contract Bridge League.   Honoured by the American Bridge Teachers’ Association


Bridge Mats . The BridgeMats program will produce duplicate bridge guide cards (table mats) from an ACBLscore movement file. The output is a PostScript file that may be viewed, printed, or converted to PDF with GhostScript

Free Movement Software.  Jeanie – Your bridge club movement manager. Completely compatible with any scoring program and it is free of charge. Professional version now released –

Quick Bridge – Free bridge game for windows. Install on your PC or NEW – now available to play on the web. No installation required and no setup. Works on all platforms including tablets and smartphones.

Deal 3.1 is a bridge hand generator by Thomas Andrews. Features: Easy to use for quick, simple dealing; Customizable output formats; Infinitely extensible via TCL; Easily portable to most platforms; and Free Software under GNU Public License (1996-2010)

Free Bridge Tools from Marty Bergen


Most bridge software and many online bridge clubs and robot games offer free trials. Be sure to check our Play Bridge Online and Bridge Software pages for more freebies.

BRIDGE PRO: V4.1+ Bridge Pro claims to be  the most advanced, affordable contract rubber bridge computer card game on the market today has been offering the free demo for almost twenty years. Sam has been busily updating his software over the past year, and aside from many improvements in bidding and play, the software is now compatible with Windows 11 and the OSX system for the Mac’s new M1 chip.

Electronig Bridge Downloads – manuals for a variety of software utilities. This site is gone but you can find a duplicate of it on the Internt Archive and some of the files are still available. Click Here

BridgeComposer allows entry and display of bridge hands in PBN file format; formats lesson handouts for bridge teachers; has a full-screen mode; formats web pages and emails; saves records of hands; deals random hands; has a double-dummy solver; interfaces with ACBLScore, Bridgemate and BridgePad; and more. Reasonably priced, free 30-day trial.

Play the Vanderbilt with Kit Woolsey – Play the Vanderbilt is an over-the-shoulder type of product, with the actual hands from the 1996 Vanderbilt and from the viewpoint of each player. Readers are invited to download and examine a free demo version.

Q-PLUS Bridge – one of the top bridge programs on the market today, placing 4th in the 2002 World Computer Bridge Championships. FREE demo Download here

Micro Bridge 13 – Placed well in the World Computer Bridge Championships. Highly intelligent contract bridge software supporting network play and many types of duplicate. Download here

JACK – Winner of 10 World Computer Championships and bronze medalist in the 2023 Championships. Free DEMO version of JACK 6. Click Here for English Version ::> In this demo Jack bids and plays at full strength. Besides 12 random deals, a tournament session of 21 deals is included. Some options have been disabled. The demon page also has a CD Inlay for printing for those of you wanting to put your demo on a CD. Cute

See our Bridge Software pages for more software, and our Play Bridge Online pages for Apps.