Tips for Casino Safety

Tips for Casino Safety

Less Fear & Loathing, Please.

By Alex J Coyne © 2016 Great Bridge Links

Hitting the casino floor should be a fun and, hopefully, profitable experience. But, if you go in unprepared you might hit any number of dangerous things along the way: Spiked drinks and pick-pockets aren’t an impossibility. Here’s how to put safety first…

Online Safety

There are hundreds upon hundreds of online gambling sites out there, but not all of them are legit or safe. Do your research before handing over your personal details or money: Read through previous reviews online, ask around and, if you really aren’t sure about their credentials, ask. When something feels dodgy, it likely is.

We published an article discussing online casinos called The What, Where, and How of Online Gamblingyou can click here to read it. It will answer many of your online casino questions.



Be sure of state firearm laws as they might differ: For example, according to Nevada state law you’re allowed to carry a firearm on the strip, and even into some casino’s – unless,of course, asked by the specific casino not to. Casino’s on Native American reservations are an exception and have a strict no firearm law. Your best bet is to check individual policies.

Your Stuff

Keep a close eye on your personal belongings – especially your cards and cash. A huge percentage of thieves are just opportunistic and look for anyone too absorbed in the atmosphere: Don’t let that be you. Watch out for pickpockets, too, as they take advantage of crowds and confusion to lift your stuff.


Don’t leave a drink unattended, and don’t accept (opened) drinks from people. Getting your drink spiked is a reality you’ve got to watch out for, especially in clubs, bars and casino’s – a sure way to get yourself into serious dnger. Another warning: Don’t drink too much; impaired judgment, neon lights and money don’t mix.

Stranger Danger

Sure, you can strike up conversations with strangers, but as soon as you get a red flag of any kind, steer clear. You could run into anything from a dangerous drunk to a loan shark stalking for fresh prey. Report any such occurrences to casino security. It’s one of those times where you’d rather be safe than, y’know, get stabbed.

Individual Policies

It’s worth saying again: Check the individual policy of the casino you’ll be going to ahead of time. It’s usually available on the casino’s website, and it can save you a lot of time. What’s fine at one casino might not fly at another: No tie, no entry; no outside food or drinks; members only. You won’t know if you don’t check.

Let us know your experiences with casino safety. Do you have advice for readers, or have you learned any of these the hard way?