Stop Blaming Video Games

Stop Blaming Video Games

There has been a new surge in the number of people blaming video games, slot machines, and free entertainments. They are criticized for being a hindrance in work, bringing down their productivity, and challenging people in meeting their targets. Through this post, we would like to counter those views and tell our readers how playing entertainment titles like roulette, poker, free slot machines such as those available at cannot only help them in being more productive but also keep them calm.

Benefits of Playing Video Games

Any thing in the world around has its strong and weak points. So do the video plays. However, let’s not concentrate on the disadvantages. Here is the list of the major benefits of playing video games that will surely prove you their attraction.

Increased Concentration

As per the results of widely conducted research by the Pew Research Centre, playing games on mobile and desktops can help the players in gaining better concentration. Because of the razor-sharp focus needed to play any kind of game, the players tend to have the same level of concentration in their personal sphere. This can lead to better performance in office, better results in school days, and even improve the results in exams. It is a common truth that video gamers are often the smartest people in the room.

Better Mental Health

Playing video games releases a chemical hormone known as Dopamine or Serotonin. This particular hormone deals with the state of being happy. Once you start playing and progressing, your brain constantly releases this chemical. As a result, players often lead a happier and healthier life than the others.

A Sense of Achievement

Any kind of video game comes with a certain level of difficulty. Some of the titles like Counter-Strike and Dota are incredibly hard to play while the others like slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and poker games may seem easier. This varies obviously, but the bottom line is that completing a stage in any of the game is bound to give the players an instant sense of achievement. Hence the players not only gain confidence while enjoying leisure activity, but they are also found to be ever ready to perform even harder tasks. No wonder many consultancies advise their clients to incorporate some sort of weekly gaming activity.

Renewed Social Circle

A very positive influence of the games is that players find new connections, meet new friends, and some have even found their soulmates while playing. The social media circle of gamers is very wide, and they are able to interact with players over various platforms like Reddit and Facebook. This infuses a sense of community participation and a feeling of belongingness. Hence, the players are often happier than your average Joe. Along with this, many games often host annual, monthly, and weekly challenges. Playing them thus helps create a very new social circle from scratch.

Are Video Games Really That Innocent?

While we have insisted on various factors that make playing video games really important and healthy we can totally ignore the facts because of which people are blaming them. Two of the most important factors behind these blames are mentioned below.

Increasing Addiction

Players often blur the lines of reality and fiction. Because of this, they get entangled in playing video games over long continuous hours. As a result, they become detached from the physical world and lose a sense of reality. This can be quite dangerous when it comes to the titles that contain some violent or cruel plot twists, and so the players must practice caution.

Cost of Playing

Any popular video game is developed with a very huge cost, and hence they are often costly. A very important point raised by the critics of the video games is that players often spend their savings on them and put other important expenses on a back seat. However, they tend to generalize things to a very great extent as some of the most important and entertaining slot machines and other titles are free and can be played even without registration.

So as can be clearly seen, video games are often criticized far more than what needs to be. Of course, a player should strike a harmony between rational playing and going around their own lives. But it is being far too critical and ignorant of the human psyche to blame every personal failure on video games.

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