Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Links last updated Feb 2018

Every year at New Year’s we are treated to a recap of the past year’s great events – the best books, the finest acts, top movies. But no list is complete without taking another moment to say goodbye to the wonderful bridge players, organizers, authors and friends who passed away in 2015. Below is a list, not complete by any means, found on the ACBL website.

Samantha Nystrom 1984 – 2015
Canadian champion and Diamond Life Master, one of only 4 women to ever win the Canadian National Open Teams, member of Canada’s international Women’s Team. Photo Gallery here |  Obit here >

Omar Sharif 1932-2015
Actor, international playboy and avid bridge promoter

Ernesto D’Orsi 1936-2015 – president of the South American Bridge Federation and a top World Bridge Federation administrator for more than three decades. Tributes here (not currently available)>

Henry Bethe 1944-2015
Grand Life Master, three North American Championship titles between 1968 and 1991 and the Lou Herman trophy in 1968. Bethe was active in bridge governance. Tributes here >

Garey Hayden 1944-2015 
Grand Life Master,  8th All Time Masterpoint Holder ACBL, five world senior titles and 10 North American Championship titles. Tribute here >

Carolyn Lynch 19466-2015 
Grand Life Master, five-time NABC champion and gold medalist  d’Orsi Senior Trophy. Obit here >

Bruce Reeve 1946-2015 
2004 ACBL President,  member of the ACBL Board of Directors from District 7 from 1997-2009 and  trustee of the Educational Foundation. Tributes here >

Sidney Lazard 1930 – 2015
ACBL Hall of Fame – one of the game’s true gentlemen and colorful characters. Biography here >

Mary Jane Farell 1920 – 2015 
ACBL Hall of Fame, Grand Life Master, 19-time NABC champion and a four-time world champion. Biography here >

Donald P Krauss 1937-2015
Four-time NABC champion and  silver medalist at the 1964 World Team Olympiad

Dave McGee 1939-2015
Former ACBL President