Physical Casinos VS Online Casinos: Which is Better?

Physical Casinos VS Online Casinos: Which is Better?

This has been a major debatable topic in the gambling sector. Since the advent of smartphones, the popularity of online gaming and gambling has been top to none. Coupled with the fact that 2020 brought about the Corona-virus pandemic which caused a major global lockdown and everyone resorted to staying indoors and using their mobile phone devices and internet connectivity effectively.

Most gamblers resorted to gambling online as they were a total lockdown and closure of land based casinos. The big question here is the online casinos ready, are they ready to take over the land based casinos? Are land casinos still unbeatable due to lavish style, glitz and glamour surrounding the casinos in major cities like Las Vegas, Macau etc.

There has been an evolution of gambling processes over the years both in online and land based casinos. Technology has played a vital role in changing gambling experiences over time. New technologies like virtual reality, crypto-currency casinos, and augmented reality are the new trends that are taking over the gambling world. Let us highlight different points while also considering the pros and cons of both land based and online based casinos.

  •  Atmosphere:

Land based casino: The flashy lighting, glitz, glamour and extravagance associated with the surroundings of a land based casino is the first hand experience you get when visiting a land based casino. This offers more fun and interest than online casinos.

The disadvantage here is that such plans and sight leads to addition whereby people find themselves stuck and unable to leave such premises. The stress of travelling far to get such experiences is another down factor.

Online casino: The online experience is actually very different, no flashy lights, no human interaction, no excessive noise and it is more generally peaceful. That doesn’t mean that a game is boring as there are a lot of graphically attractive interfaces and colors that would catch your interest in your favorite games.

  • Ease and comfort:

Land based casino: Talking about ease and comfort of land based casinos, let us consider distance first. For those that live near a land based casino, they could frequently visit them and also serve the cost of travel. For others, moving from one city to have this experience is always stressful; the only good side to this is that since you seldom visit, the experience is always a memorable one.

Online casino: Online casinos like King Billy offer top comfort when it comes to online gambling. Players can engage their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes, offices, schools etc. 

  • Rewards: 

Land based casino: land based casinos offer huge jackpots which are worth travelling or taking a long trip to gamble on the reward. This is another thing that keeps the popularity of land based casinos.

Online casino: Online casinos offer huge money and also it is easier to increase your chances of winning from the availability of multiple games played at once.

  • Variety of games:

Land based casino: Slot machines which are for slot games and table games is the common order of the day for any land based casino. The down part there is that every available player cannot all play at once as it allows a particular number of players at a time. This means some players actually have to wait or their turn to get involved in their favorite game.

Online casino: The scenario here is actually different and opposite. Online casinos offer a variety of games such as video slots, blackjack, baccarat, online poker etc. Checkout Kingbilly Canada for more variety of games. These games come in different themes and variation. It is almost impossible not to find something that excites you. You can decide whether to play with a computer program, a video streamed casino or at a table with other players.

  • VIP Treatment: 

Land based casino: Probably if I was looking desperately for where I will get a VIP treatment in a casino then it should head to a land based casino. Land based casinos offer special treatment to their prestigious members.

This comprises complimentary drinks, expensive suites and hotels, world class resorts and accommodation. They are people assigned to VIPs to assist and help you in whatever they need.

Online casino: There is a variation in terms of what is offered to VIP members in an online casino. Don’t expect complimentary drinks or access to high class amenities from online casinos. Instead points are being given to VIP members. This is based on how frequent and often players participate and make use of their features and services.

Whether it is a physical casino or an online casino, you as an individual have the final decision to make on which you would prefer according to your goals and gambling preferences. Land based casinos will continue to be in operation in the near future. The online casinos will bring in more convenience and aim at ways in which gambling can be completely revolutionized with different options and choices. Let us see what the future holds for both. 

Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash