Just What Loyalty Can Get You

Just What Loyalty Can Get You at the Casino

By Alex J Coyne © 2016 Great Bridge Links

Save on More, Shoppers Optimum, even Starbucks has a loyalty card these days but did you know casinos have loyalty programs as well?

If you’re a player who frequents the casino floor, you might want to consider asking them about their loyalty program. Most casino’s have some form of loyalty card or app for regular members that can score you all sorts of added benefits you’ve been missing out on. What’s more, loyalty cards aren’t limited to offline casino’s anymore either: Here’s a look at just what you can get out of it.

A Sign-Up Bonus: Casino’s want you to come over and spend your dough there. So, many offer a sign-up bonus as part of their loyalty program – y’know, sign up now and get $200 worth of points for free. Sometimes it’s worth chips, other times you can look forward to getting discounts on food or a free drink or two for your trouble.

Parking: If you’re a real regular, check out if the loyalty program includes parking. If you’re planning to stay for a couple of hours, even the weekend, it sure as hell beats having to park your car around the corner to try and save on parking costs…

Free (or Discounted) Entry: Some of the larger casino’s have free (or at least discounted) entry to some of their resorts, spa’s and hotels as part of their loyalty program. Why would anyone do that? Well, the longer people stick around, the longer they tend to gamble and the more they tend to spend.

Member Exclusive Sweepstakes: Keep an eye for exclusive sweepstakes, competitions and offers given only to members. Again, this is something most loyalty programs have as part of the deal.

Discounts on Food, Drinks and Shows: Here’s where you can really take advantage of your loyalty card: People stick around to gamble, but they have to eat, drink and relax at some point, right? Most loyalty programs offer discounts on shows at the casino, food and drinks (arranging from small, $5 discounts or free drinks on occasion to huge 60% off deals).

Things to Know

– Read the terms, carefully. And before signing anywhere. The same rule that applies to any other kind of legal contract applies here, too. The terms will tell you exactly what you’re signing up for and just what it means.

– Points expire. One of many reasons to check the terms first: Unused points usually have an expiry date of some sort attached to them. Double-check before you start looking forward to spending points you earned two years back…

– Non-Qualifying. Make sure where (and to what) your points apply. Some products might be excluded from the loyalty program – for example tobacco – and points might only be good at certain restaurants or theaters in the casino.

Guard it well. Your physical loyalty card should be treated like your credit card: Would you leave that lying around just because? Loyalty cards are usually linked to you and useless to anyone else, but you can skip the hassle of having to re-apply by making sure you keep it safe.

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