Thank you for your interest in our websites. We offer a variety of link-building opportunities, please see below for our FAQ and other details.


Link building with Great Bridge Links and Gifts for Card Players

Sponsored / Guest posts  – $100 usd. Article remains on our domain permanently. Links in articles are ‘dofollow’ and have no other tags. One client link and up to two authority links. Two client links in one article for $130. Any additional commercial links in the article will be billed at $30 additional each. Our software adds ‘related posts’ internal links so you don’t have to waste your two authority links on that. Changes to articles after publication billed $30.  Topics: Games, Gambling, Cards – no articles about Bridge. No adult content or adult links.

Link Insert in Existing Post – $500 usd. Send us the URL of the article you’re interested in for review. If acceptable we’ll insert your link and invoice.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What topics may we write about – No articles about Bridge (except when written by Life Master bridge players).  Suggested topics: Cards, Games, Gambling,Tech. All articles must be appropriate for a General audience.

2. Do you accept casino or CBD and or casino  links? yes the price is the same.

3. Do you write sponsored articles? Yes, for an extra $50 usd. Quality blog, 2000 words,  based on the links you provide.

4. Do you charge for changes after the content is posted? Yes we charge $30 USD for changes requested more than 24 hours after the article is posted.

5. When are payments due? Payment for sponsored posts must be received within 7 days or risk having the article hidden pending payment.

6. Can I see a sample? Yes they are here:

7. Do you have other sites? Yes, we have one other –

8. Are the links marked sponsored or nofollow? No. All our links are dofollow

9. Where are you located? We are located in Vancouver, Canada. Pricing is in USD invoiced with Paypal or Stripe.

10. Can you submit this in google search console? Yes, we submit all articles to Google for indexing.

11. Do you offer discounts?  Yes – we offer 20% discount for return clients or multiple orders. We also offer discounts to sponsor links with DR 55 or higher.


Text Links

Text link on Great Bridge Links home page
$1000 year | $600 per six months

Text link on Gifts for Card Players home pag
$1000 year | $600 per six months

Text link on both of above – 20% discount

Banner Ads
Banner ads with ‘do follow’ links either site
$600 usd for 6 months
Banner ads on both sites – 20% discount

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