Can playing bridge make you good at casino games?

Can playing bridge make you good at casino games?

In 1940s America – and other countries too – contract bridge was by far the most popular and most played card game by both men and women. Whilst bridge may not be as popular as it was in the middle of the last century, it still boasts huge participation numbers all around the world.

The classic game is usually played recreationally by an older generation of players looking to unwind and have some fun with their friends. However, it is now also been played by people looking to improve their chances at online casinos. For example, at places like 777 Casino you can brush up your skills by playing a range of exciting and stimulating online card games

In this article, we will look at the similarities between bridge and some of the most popular casino games in the world as well as finding out how playing bridge can boost your poker, blackjack and craps skills. 

First things first… what is bridge?

One deck of cards, multiple games, but are the skills transferrable?

If you’re reading this article, you probably already have a good understanding of what bridge is and enjoy playing it regularly. However, some of you may not be fully infatuated with the game just yet, so what exactly is bridge?

Well, bridge – or contract bridge as it was originally known – is a trick-taking card game that is played with a standard 52 card deck. The game is usually played by two competing teams, made up of two players who battle it out to be the first to reach 100 points.

It is an incredibly complicated game, especially to the uninitiated, and a full breakdown of how to play the game would most likely take up the majority of this article. In short, the game consists of thirteen different tricks and auctions, which players must win via strategy, tactics and at times bravado.

As well as that, bridge is quite often a game of memory as players must not only remember the rules but the various complicated actions that take place throughout the game, in order to make an informed decision themselves. Below we’ll take a look at some similar casino games.


Another card game that’s similar is blackjack, but this is a game that requires a lot less skill and relies much more on good old-fashioned luck.

Blackjack has been around for a long time, many believe since 1700 where it was first played in French casinos. It was originally given its name back in 1880 when a jack of spades or clubs was required to win the game but it is often also referred to as 21.

Each player is dealt two cards, including the dealer, with each card counting for ace value and the picture cards for 10.

When playing blackjack, you compete against the dealer and not the other players who’re involved. The game begins by each player placing a bet and the objective of the game is to make sure your deck totals higher than the dealer’s hand and not go over 21 when the dealer does.

There are a few rules to learn, such as busting, doubling down, hitting standing and surrendering, but overall it’s one of the easiest and most popular casino card games there is. The chances are, if you can remember the rules of a complicated game like bridge and keep your calm throughout, then you are going to be ace at blackjack.


TV moments like this helped to massively boost the worldwide popularity of poker.

Whilst bridge was enjoying its peak days of popularity in the 1940s, poker was on a steady rise. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, poker – in particular, Texas Hold ‘Em – was a game usually enjoyed by friends in large groups.

Towards the end of the century, large scale tournaments like the WSOP came to the fore thanks to television coverage. Nowadays poker is more popular than bridge, as in fact one of the most enjoyed pastimes around the world.

There is a huge crossover between poker and bridge, with both games requiring high levels of skill, practice and patience from players. Unlike craps, with poker and bridge, the outcome of the game is almost entirely down to the actions of the players rather than just an element of luck.

Bridge and poker are also played and enjoyed in similar ways. They are social events that can be played at parties, with large crowds or even at tournaments. There are, however, more than a few differences between the games.

The big differences between bridge and poker

Recreating a poker game for an online audience

Recreating a poker game for an online audience is much easier to do than creating an online bridge environment.

Firstly, bridge is a game built on the partnership between the two players in the team, whereas poker is a completely sole pursuit. This is perhaps though, the main reason that the latter has taken off in popularity during the digital age.

It is far easier to make an interface for online poker than it is to recreate one for bridge, where the issue of cheating and differing skill levels seem too hard to overcome for potential online providers.


For bridge players looking to make the move to poker, a lot of the skills of memory and tactics can be used in both games. Also, the ability to read your opponents which you will have learned from playing bridge will be hugely beneficial when you find yourself in a tricky poker hand.



Memory, skill and bravado are perhaps three of the most important attributes in the arsenal of any successful bridge players. These skills can be used to your advantage in a number of casino games, but most effectively so in craps and poker when in the casino.