Betiton—Using AI to Offer the Best Online Betting Experience

Betiton—Using AI to Offer the Best Online Betting Experience

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage in the tech world, from robotics and IoT devices to e-Commerce and manufacturing. In fact, AI is mushrooming so rapidly that it could put millions of jobs in jeopardy in a decade.

With such a tremendous impact, it is not surprising that every business wants to embrace AI. Betiton, a fast-growing online casino is using AI innovatively and it’s reaping the benefits immensely. Here’s how it is doing it:

A Player Centric Search Engine

A website search feature that produces irrelevant results is a common reason why people leave eCommerce stores and online casinos. To solve this problem, Betiton developed an AI-controlled search feature that produces the exact result players expect.

To make your experience more exciting, the casino’s search engine also provides results to what you are after. When looking of NetEnt’s Starburst, for example, Betiton also suggests these games with stars, space themes or developed by NetEnt:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Starlight Dazzle
  • Crystal Cash
  • Rio Stars

Of course, Starburst appears as the first result. So, if you are only after that game, you can skip the suggestions and play Starburst. The search engine works smoothly with all games on Betiton, including sports.   

If you are a player, Betiton’s powerful search engine is not only a time saver but also a helpful feature for finding new games. Its ability to recommend games related to what you are after can aid you to find interesting games you’ve never played before.

Personalizing Players’ Experiences

Personalization isn’t a new thing in the business world. However, it’s only recently that many companies began to take it seriously. Betiton’s idea of personalization is having a website that caters to each customer’s needs.

For starters, the online casino’s algorithm detects a player’s location to determine which location they are most comfortable with. It then displays a version of Betiton’s website programmed in their native language.

For reference, supports all major languages, including Spanish, French, German, Finnish and Norwegian.  The site is also mobile responsive, meaning it fits on your screen whether you are using an iPad or an Android smartphone.

Besides language and mobile responsiveness, the site also offers a variety of payment methods for your convenience. Once you choose an option, Betiton’s AI saves it so that when you want to make a deposit, you do it quicker than usual.

 A Genuinely Helpful AI Chatbot

Chatbots are only second to voice assistants in the list of the most useful customer support innovations. They’ve been adopted by nearly all online businesses, and they are revolutionizing the customer support sector.

Against that backdrop, Betiton uses its AI and human-powered chatbot to initiate meaningful conversations with customers.  The company’s chat feature is straightforward. Access it and shoot your question.

The best part of the chatbot is that it’s managed by human support agents. As such, you are not just talking to a bot that might understand your experience. Instead, you can communicate with a human agent and let her know your complaints.

That said, you can also contact Betiton through email or phone. However, for quick, personalized conversations, the chatbot is the best option.

Improving Bonus Recommendations

By using AI, Betiton can analyze thousands of gigabytes of information to determine what bonuses different players want. And in doing so, it’s been effective in matching offers with the right customers.

Sports bettors have three bonuses they can grab on Betiton. First is a €10 welcome reward. Then there is the cashout offer through which you can withdraw your winnings before a game is over.

On the other end, Betiton gifts casino players up to €150 upon their first deposit. Then they get into a VIP program through which they can win frequent free spins, bonuses and exclusive customer care.

Keeping Track of Players’ Favorite Games

According to Betiton, their AI algorithm does an excellent job of keeping track of what people play. And in doing so, it helps the betting site enhance its marketing efforts by targeting players with their preferred games.

You only need to play once at the casino to witness its AI in action. Usually, you decide which slot, blackjack or sport you want to bet on. Then AI takes note of your choice. When you visit the casino afterward, you’ll first be reminded of the last game you played.

On the other end, AI uses your records to improve its suggestions when you visit Betiton casino. In a way, it learns more about you each time you play to give you a better experience over time. 

Promoting Responsible Gaming

In the spirit of responsible gambling, Betiton supports players who want to cool off or limit their betting expenses. For starters, it offers deposit limits, a cool-off period, the option to self-exclude or an option to close their account.

All these features are powered by AI, so you can be sure the system works. If you decide to limit your gaming time to 21 minutes, Betiton will ensure you log off after this period.

 Additionally, it also uses AI to detect players’ patterns and behaviors. In turn, it uses this information to detect players who might have problem gambling to help them out. Again, it works with independent problem gambling clinics to assist players who need more help.

To Conclude

Betiton might be a new online casino and betting website. But it’s not your average new gaming website. It features a neat and well-organized site for quick and convenient betting. It loads fast and smoothly, but more crucially, it uses AI to enhance players’ experiences.

From how you choose games and bonuses to your communication with its staff, AI is present to enhance your experience. 

Photo by NASA on Unsplash