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Seniors play cards

Bridge is the secret to adult neurogenesis.

The mean age of bridge players in North America may be 65 but this is not the downward trend you might think it is.

by Jude Goodwin

You’ve likely heard phrases like ‘aging population’ and read opinions that the ACBL is about to ‘fall off a cliff’ in terms of membership. In fact the opposite is true!



How to improve your focus at the bridge table

How to improve your focus at the bridge table

Believe it or not you don’t have to have a good memory to be a bridge expert

by Jude Goodwin
With shout outs to The Bridge Guys, and BridgeWinners.

When I first took up the game of bridge I spent hours trying to discover ways to improve my memory, tricks to help me remember the cards, the conventions, the odds involved in the game. But after a few years of this diligence,


Is Brain Fog affecting Your Bridge Game?

Waitress Serving Food To Senior Couple In Restaurant during a bridge tournament

How to eat healthy at your next bridge tournament

Links updated Feb 2018

So, you’re headed to your next bridge tournament. You hit your hotel where you will be staying for the next ten days, and remember that to keep your expenses down, you didn’t opt for the full kitchen room but instead have the mini fridge and coffee maker combo. And you’re hungry. What do you do for dinner and did you remember to pack snacks?


These pencils could make you sharper, calmer and more focused

Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies

The benefits of Doodling

by Sky Goodwin

In high school and college I doodled all over my books, my papers and anything else I could get my hands on. There’s still crosshatching, bubbles and faces all over most random pieces of paper in my house. I spend most of my doodling time while on the phone, probably having learned to doodle from watching my mom, an artist who doodled entire cities if she was on a longer call.