Why did this Vegas Casino cut its poker room in half?

Stadium Blackjack
by Margie Pignataro for Great Bridge Links. © 2016. Recently, the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has cut its poker room in half in order to make room for Stadium Blackjack.The way the room is constructed, it couldn't be divided in half aesthetically—not without offending the ceiling and the natural, slightly curved shape of the room. So why do this ?

Five poker giants and what makes them great

Poker Giants
There are so many great players out there, that making an all inclusive top ten list would be impossible. The list I have made includes men across all formats of poker, a mix of cash games, tournament, and mixed games (playing different games of poker in a single tournament).

The Smartest, Most Entertaining Poker to Watch Online

The Big Game
There are many, many poker games available online, featuring extremely talented players and with accessible, entertaining commentators. If you're looking to watch games for fun, or learn the game better, it's out there.