The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Online Poker Betting

Tips for Beginner Poker Players - How to Bet - Great Bridge Links
Playing poker online for real money has recently become a real gold mine for the professional poker players around the world and the number of online sites, mobile apps, and rooms continue to mushroom at an unbelievable speed. However, betting at poker might seem as a lesson in astrophysics for the beginning player. Not to worry. This confusion will be a thing of the past after reading our selection of ultimate poker tips for beginners. Let's get started!

Poker Gets Official

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Have you ever thought that poker should be an Olympic sport? You are not alone. In February 2014, poker champion Daniel Negreanu put forth his idea for Olympic poker on the FullContactPoker forums. Alex J. Coyne and Great Bridge Links took a look at just how well poker is being represented internationally and where it stands now as an official sport.

The Big, the Bad & The Notorious: Famous Poker Games

Famous Poker Games - Great bridge links
Some poker games are historical, or just so good (or bad) that they go down in the history books. Alex has found us some of the most famous, most notable and most notorious card games in history.

5 Tips to Become a Successful Poker Player

5 Tips to becoming a successful poker player - Great Bridge Links
When you think of poker, your mind may draw up an image of gamblers gathered around a crowded table with an overhanging cloud of smoke in someone’s basement. In more recent times, you may think of poker as less of an actual card game and more an application on a smartphone or tablet – either way, the same rules still apply.