A Colourful History of Slot Machines

History of slot machines
Coin operated poker machines appeared towards the end of the 1800s and soon after, in San Francisco during the Gold Rush days, a mechanic from Bavaria named Charles Fey invented the first official 'slot machine'.

10 of the Weirdest Celebrity Slot Machines

Celebrity Slots Machines - Great Bridge LInks
Slot machines are hugely popular, and it didn’t take long before celebrities and their agents realized they could profit from it by licensing the celebrity’s likeness to slot machines. Do you have a weakness for celebrity-themed slot machines when you’re at the casino? We checked out 10 of the weirdest celebrity slot machines we could find.

Counting on Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonus - Great Bridge Links
Online casinos offer what’s called No Deposit Bonuses – you might’ve heard about those – which gives you a certain amount of casino currency to jump right into it. We took a look at some of the advantages of online casino bonuses, and where to find the best.

Three tips to make you the perfect craps player

Three tips to make you better at playing craps - Great Bridge Links
There are a number of tips and strategic options that can make you into a more productive player who starts to win more than they lose and who can use craps to make a little extra spending money. Here are three of the best tips to understand how to be a better craps player and how to enjoy playing craps to the fullest.