Cards on TV Roundup

Cards on TV Roundup - Great Bridge Links
We can’t be the only ones who feel a little tingly inside when we’re watching our favourite TV show and they happen to be playing cards. Here’s our round-up of some card games on TV shows, including poker, blackjack and, of course, the game of Bridge. Add yours to our list!

Don’t Forget the Joker

Don't forget the Joker - Great Bridge Links
We can thank the joker playing card for giving its face to the crazed, maniacal Batman villain, but let's check out more on this card’s not-so-mysterious origins and use through history.

LeoVegas becomes new Gold Sponsor of Great Bridge Links

As Great Bridge Links was one of the first card-related sites on the web, it’s with complete appreciation that LeoVegas, a mobile-first casino, sets forth as a sponsor. A thriving community of card-game players deserves the very best out of modern technology and with this online casino, there’s no easier way to play.

Poker Gets Official

IFP The Table - Great Bridge Links
Have you ever thought that poker should be an Olympic sport? You are not alone. In February 2014, poker champion Daniel Negreanu put forth his idea for Olympic poker on the FullContactPoker forums. Alex J. Coyne and Great Bridge Links took a look at just how well poker is being represented internationally and where it stands now as an official sport.