Broadcasting Your Game

Broadcasting Your Game

by Alex J. Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links

Are you a bit of an exhibitionist? There’s a growing demand for bridge players to broadcast their bridge games online for other players to join the game as spectators; this is already a trend among PC and console gamers, with viewers being able to tune into services like Twitch to showcase their live games to apparently more than 45 million viewers. (In comparison, the last episode of Friends drew 52.2 million viewers, and the first 22!)

Does live broadcasting have a future in the game of Bridge? Great Bridge Links took a closer look:


There’s a category on Twitch.TV for bridge – one of the most popular streaming options for gamers out there;  Reddit user goodericdong started wondering why people aren’t broadcasting their bridge games and took some time to poke around on the Reddit bridge boards: Commenters (and we at GBL!) seem to think it’s a great idea for helping people improve their game – heck, some people might even start playing bridge as a result.

Would you like to start your own bridge game channel on Twitch? Read How to Broadcast PC Games on Twitch from their FAQ and you might have a couple bridge fans tuning in to check out your game.


YouTube isn’t just for uploading videos; did you know you can also create a live stream of, well, pretty much anything on YouTube too? The concept is gaining more popularity with streaming from mobile devices now reported to be available too. It doesn’t take much technical knowledge to set it up (and, hey, if you get stuck that’s what tech support is for!).

Read through YouTube’s guides first: Start with Introduction to live streaming and move on to Create a live stream. You can also check out some already-broadcasting channels like Bridge Video Broadcast.

Of course, recording a game and uploading it can be done too, but it’s just not the same as a live stream, now is it? Still, keep in mind that YouTube is a huge resource for previous bridge games, including almost any tournament or topic you can think of, so don’t rule out recorded broadcasts, either.


Vugraph has also become an almost-universal standard of broadcasting the results of bridge games; tune in here to watch live bridge games as they happen. You might pick up tips you wouldn’t have spotted otherwise, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your PC to do it! Check out Bridge Base Online for their Vugraph Schedule.

Where do you go to check out streams of bridge (or any) games, and do you think bridge games should be broadcast more often? Get in touch and let us know what you think – you can even post your games channel on our FACEBOOK page.

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